The Theory of Fate

This book is for anyone who is searching for the final scenery of mankind, no matter which faith he believe in, he’s welcome to read it. I’ll try to give every scientific explanation possible, even though not being a scientist, I’ve made some research on the matter and what I have found being related to the Scriptures’s verses are quite astonishing.

We’re used to get busy with our own daily tasks that the idea that we might be the last generation on earth barely affects us, because there is nothing that we know of, that threatens our existence seriously. But one day surely it will be the last.

Some people believe that the End of the World means only the end of this Age, some others believe that there will be no end at all, and some believe that existence will come to an end one day whatever we may do. Among these people, some believe that an asteroid will deal with our fate, others say that a super volcano might be more frightening, or a huge earthquake.

But which world are we talking about? Are we talking about Earth? Or the entire solar system? Or maybe the whole universe? Some questions as these are difficult to answer, for they have never been lived. So after two years and a half of research Ithink that I may have found the possible solution.

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