Book 1 – The ruins of Gorlan

I’ve never written a post about books, I really don’t know what to say. But I’ll try to speak a little about some of those I’ve read, hoping that you’ll be interested enough to read them as well.

John Flanagan is an Australian author for young adults, his books are about young brave people accomplishing things that usually are meant to be accomplished by talented mature Adults. He seems to give motivation to those who lack of confidence or ideas. Through his stories we’re able to notice that we don’t need to be perfect to achieve a mission, we don’t need to have powers or to do magic.

I love his books because he makes me wander in a very old world far before the middle age, where life was different and easier in its own way.

This story start by speaking about a 15 years old boy; Will, who is about to be selected by a school master which has to teach him everything for a number of years. His wish is to enter the battle school but he’s too small for it. He will be selected by a strange man who is part of a secret group of people called Rangers. Things will change for him, he will need all the skills he can muster, for the dark Lord Morgarath is gathering forces and a battle against the Kindom of Araluen is destined to begin. A battle the likes of which Will cannot even imagine.

It’s an adventurous story that brings thriller, comedy and action in one interesting book.