Beauty in the World # 4

Switzerland is a country where most of the women are not so different from the Portuguese (See post). They take care of their skin but don’t use much make-up unless it is for an occasion. They care more about hygiene rather than beauty. Even though they’re smart, clean and wealthy, they’re not sophisticated at all. I guess that they value the brain, rather than the appearance.
Here the beauty centers are easy to find but an appointment is necessary, mostly in summer which is the busiest time of the year.
Women of any age can be found at the beautician. The most common treatment they look for is hair removal, but every season has its treatments. For instance at this time of year, feet treatments such as nail polish are the most wanted, while in winter the facial treatments are most wanted.

The average price range is 120 – 130 Francs (110 euros) per corporal session or 200 Francs (190 euros) per facial ones. While 1200 Francs (1100 euros) for 6 (facial/corporal) sessions.

You may find hair saloons which take care of your hair, nails and skin at the same place such as this one