What a coincidence

He was working late in his office. He should have been home if it wasn’t for the extra work which was holding him. Two more reviews to write and he’ll be free to go home. It wasn’t easy to be at work while all his friends were enjoying their evening.
His fingers running over the keyboard, turning his thoughts into matter. Ten minutes later he finished his last review. All was done, the paperwork in his briefcase, the trash into the bin, the computer shut down, the lights turned off. He was ready to leave. He walked down to the main hall, where the security was waiting for him.
– All good Mr Johnson ?
– Now it is! Thanks Walker.Have a good night
– You too Sir.
Johnson crossed the road to the subway station, ran down the stairs to catch the sub, but missed it by a few seconds. The next one would be in eight minutes.
He could as well take a seat. There was no one at this hour, just him and….. nothing. He closed his eyes leaning his head on the wall. He was hearing kids laughing in another platform, a woman walking up the escalator. Suddenly he felt a presence. He opened his eyes and saw a man just in front of him wearing ragged clothes and staring at him. Johnson jumped yelling a “WOW!”
– Where do you come from!?
The man didn’t reply, he kept staring at him. Johnson took a few steps away thinking that he was a beggar. But something was telling him that “the beggar” was still watching him. He looked at him and found “the beggar” still staring.
– What do you want? Do you want money?
“The beggar” didn’t reply. “This beggar is freaking me out” he thought. “I’d walk rather than waiting the sub by this guy” So he went out of the Sub and took the road he needed to. He was just ten blocks from home. But usually the distance multiplies when we’re in a hurry.
After a block he look behind to see if he was followed; actually he was.
“The beggar” was following him a few meters behind. Johnson was becoming anxious, he couldn’t let this guy see where he lived. So he decided to turn left in his own street instead of turning right toward his apartment. At least he would find a Starbucks, which should be open at this time of night, where he could call the police if he had to. A few minutes later he turned left without looking behind, the Starbucks was at the second light, no more than two minutes walk. At the first light he had to wait for the pedestrian green light as there was trafic. He looked back and saw the same guy approaching. He had to cross even if the light was still red, he didn’t want to be caught by the creepy guy. As he crossed he looked back again. The guy wasn’t bothered by the traffic, he didn’t even look right or left, he just crossed. “This guy is the devil!” Johnson thought and ran to the next trafic lights. Starbucks was on the other side of the road, some people were enjoying their drinks and chatting inside. One more glimpse toward “The beggar”…. he wasn’t there. The guy wasn’t following! “What the hell?!” he thought. He looked all around and but the guy wasn’t anywhere. What if all of this was his imagination ? No! Couldn’t be. “He’s still here, but hidden” he thought. He decided to cross the road, the lights weren’t working in this junction, but as he could see, there was no major traffic. As he crossed the first half of the road, he was looking back for any sign of “the beggar”. Still nothing…. he was about to cross the second half when he heard a loud honk coming from his right side, he had just the time to look and see a big truck coming toward him… The next thing he knew, he was lying on the floor by the Starbucks, some people were by his side trying to wake him and asking him if he was ok. His head hurt, his vision was a little blurry but he was fine.
– What happened? he asked
– We don’t know, we heard a honk, we saw a truck and a guy pushing you out of the road and when we thought that the othe guy was squashed by the truck, we ran out to look for him but he was gone. And the truck just kept driving. I guess he must have …. I don’t know…. I guess it is a miracle that you’re still alive!
Johnson was shocked. He was thinking about what he went through since he left office.
“Why did “the beggar” bothered to follow me all this way?” he thought “If I haven’t met him in the Subway, I wouldn’t be here now. And he wouldn’t have saved my life either, ’cause I wouldn’t have been in danger. So what was all this about?” Johnson was puzzled. The clients helped him to get inside Starbucks. After being assured that he didn’t need assistance they left him alone.
As he was waiting for his coffee he listened to the breacking news on the radio.
“….Subway collision at the central station, a pipe explosion provoked this accident which killed two people and wounded several passengers……”
Johnson stopped listening, “there is a reason for everything…. we can’t always see the purpose for an event. But nothing is coincidence”