What about … #31

We’re used to think that things happen as we see them. When we look at a fallen tree, the first thing that comes to our mind is that the tree in question is dead or is dying either ways we know its fate. But if we set different eyes upon it we’ll be able to see that its story is much more than a simple fallen tree.

The tree use its roots to take in water and other essential nutrients. The leaves then use the water and carbon dioxide from the air, in combination with sunlight, to turn the water and carbon dioxide into glucose, also giving off the byproduct oxygen in the process.

If we take a step closer, we might see a few inhabitants enjoying their lives on it such as ants, worms, spiders. A deeper look might bring us to realize that these tiny creepers have built their nest under the bark for example. The big picture remains the same, a tree has fallen. But the other creatures which depend on it won’t appear unless we take a deeper look.

Have we ever watched a flock of birds flying in harmony? They all change direction at once following a random pattern. They are somehow synchronized when they do their spectacular dance. Have we ever seen one of them missing a turn, stopping in mid-air saying : Uh Oh, I’ve missed again. Hey! wait for me… ?

Have we ever watched a school of fish swimming as if they were following an invisible trail? They are hundreds zigzagging at the same time, at the same speed. None of them went astray! How do we explain this?

How can we explain this special bond between them? In fact it’s quite easy, they are all connected spirituality, they know/feel what their mates will do, so they do it too. They’re not the only creatures doing extraordinary things without an apparent reason.

We, human beings may have been able to do better than them, but we’re too focused on what we see, that those who can use that power are called Saints by some, Sorcerers in the middle age, Shaman…

Unfortunately we can’t prove these facts because they’re not part of the material world in which we live. In the Holy Scriptures God tells us that the Human Being can’t live without a spirit. The body is just a box in which the real person lives. Without it we wouldn’t be able to live on earth. We can’t be conscious of that unless we ask ourselves some questions without putting the easiest answer before us. For instance when we’re reading who is performing the action?

We read the letters composing a word, a word making a sentence, a sentence forming a paragraph, etc… when we process these, our mind translates what we read into a video or a picture depending on what we’re reading. If we’re going through a hunting magazine, our mind will show us for example the new outfit we’re reading about or the way an animal behaves according to the article. But if we’re seeing that outfit or that animal, who is reading the letters turning them into words, words into sentences…? If we’re busy watching a great movie on tv we’ll hardly write a perfect letter to our boss! The watcher in us is what we call spirit, the one who gets the intuition, who wakes us in the middle of the night for no particular reason to find that our neighbor’s apartment is on fire, who suggest us the right decisions, etc…

I suggest you to read The Power of Intention by Dr Wayne or Synchro Destiny by Deepak Chopra for detailed explanations. And you may read as well here a previous post on the subject.

What about… #13

What exactly is our ‘self‘?

This is a question which has been asked for millennia, many answers have been proposed but didn’t seem to satisfy the one who inquires. I’ve written two posts about it; Do we own a spirit and Is consciousness material or immaterial? If that isn’t enough, I’ll try my best to convince you about what I believe.

Every living creature has its outer shell and inner self; may this be a fly, a mosquito, a horse, a bunny or a human being. God gave us our inner self to help us, to guide us and to be a witness against our outer shell which is our body and brain. We are all made of two selves, either being aware of it or not.

The inner self is our conscious or soul if you’re a believer. No one hears that self, no one can witness it except the One who created it and our outer self. What we choose to show on the ouside is what others know us by. What the others define us to be; good, careful, cheap, cruel… we have chosen a character that suits us but not necessarily who we really are. But when we are alone and we don’t need to play the character anymore, we let our inner self take control.

Every human being is alike, it is a lie if someone tells you that it’s not true. We can’t let our conscious/soul be seen by anyone, it is as private as our own sins. Some people prefer to hide their tender heart showing only rudeness, being sure that they don’t care about “who ever it may be”, but as soon as he is alone he let his tears flow and anonymously he helps the person in need.

Our brain makes the decisions, works, speaks, thinks, makes us live our character… but our soul is the one who brings us back to the reality of this life when our brain stops to control us with the daily chores.

Some people say that they are searching for happiness, they will find it only when their soul/consciousness will be at ease. It is their own souls that are not happy, for some reason they’re not living what they are meant to live.

We will be what we were meant to be, when we’ll find happiness in our daily lives.

What About #66

I believe in the positive/negative energy. Some call it p/n vibes. We all have it in ourselves, and we express it without noticing it. This energy is like a wave that you can’t measure, only your inner self (i.e soul) can. When you stand in the presence of a positive person, you can feel this feeling of assurance that you won’t be feel in the presence of a negative one.
When you possess one of these two energies, you can feel it yourself. It’s hard to change our own energy, we require an external force which can help us. This external force can be a song, a movie, a friend, God, a scenery or even drugs. Unfortunately this energy influence those around us, even animals can feel it. That’s why those who own dogs, their pet try to confort them when they’re sad, or keep away from them when they’re angry. The animal’s receptor is more accurate than ours. They even feel when an earthquake is going to happen. So what can we do about it? We must try to control this energy of ours and gain something out of it. I don’t know how, but some people can do brilliant things out of it. Some people can spread their energy to an entire crowd so that the entire people feel like he does.
Perhaps that’s the reason, the more people are near, the more our feelings change. For instance if we’re watching football at home and alone, we wouldn’t have the same reaction when there is a goal, that if we were present in a stadium surrounded by thousands of people screaming and laughing and being happy for the goal. We would feel so happy that we would scream as the others do, jump as the others jump, yell as the others yell. It’s all about energy.
We have a certain power in ourselves that can be really released only when it is stimulated by hundreds or thousands of others having the same thoughts, feelings, need…..
What are we made of? Do we really believe that we’re made only of bones and flesh? What if we had the power to achieve miracles by using our inner energy?

What about #57

I don’t know much about Psychology, but today do my best to elucidate a problem which troubles some human beings amongst us; Who are we.

Looking at the big picture, there isn’t much to say. We are “we”, the person who is reading, talking, cooking, writing….living. Looking at it by a different perspective, we are the soul who inhabit our body. The real person is inside our outer shell made of flesh and bones. The “We” is the one who interpret what we read into images, The “We” is the one who advise us to do things which turns us happy afterwards, The “We” is the one who gives us a shout to wake us up when we’re heading toward our death if we continue on a certain path. We are made from more than our visual entity. We have something so special that connects us with God, that some people want to rationalize it to believe in it. Which is difficult. Our Soul cannot be rationalized , it’s spiritual. We are a soul who needs a body to live on Earth, a body to feel, to talk, to think as a human. A soul that has to live on this planet for a while before returning to its creator. 

We’re the best creation God created because we’ve been given the free will to Obey God’s orders or not, and to think in whatever manner suits us. 

Of course we have the freedom to accept it or not, we may refuse to believe in Fate/Destiny and deal with it our own way. That’s what Free Will is. But Fate is still Fate. 

God has given us a brain and all other senses that make us different from other creatures. In the Quran for instance God insists for us to use our brain, such as:

“Why don’t you think….”

“Why don’t you ponder….”

But we don’t need to understand who we are to believe in God or have a faith. We could be Jews, Christians or a Muslims and still ask ourselves “Who are We”. 

Some people find the answer by meditating, some by doing Yoga among other techniques. 
A few days ago I’ve written a post about the things I’ve noticed which made me see life differently. 

Everything is connected. We can perceive this with our spirit, rarely with the brain. When you cross someone or something during the day, it was meant for you to cross it and see it. Destiny brings these events to us, for a certain purpose. We may not be able to understand them, but we may remember them when the time comes. 

We have the power to  connect with our soul and find the essence of life, we just need the will.

What about …. #55

Meditation isn’t an act of a specific religion, some think that you have to be Hindu or Buddhist to practice it; but it’s wrong. Anyone can do it, and as much as this will astonish you, All the prophets of ancient times, (i.e of the Monotheistic religions) practiced it. How can you explain the hours of adoration by themselves either of Jesus, Mohammed, Abraham, Noe…..? Of course they had the know how. And they were more capable than us, as they were Men of God.

I’m not an expert on meditation, but I use it a lot even without being aware of it. So I’ll explain basically how and why you should perform this self awareness everyday.

Meditation relieve stress, anxiety, fear, depression and other things of which I’m not aware of yet. 

It is a way to to be at peace with ones soul and to let this one take leadership over the body. And it is also a way to be in contact with God as you use your soul.
So start by selecting a quiet place which you’ll be using as often as possible, sit or lay comfortably (but not too much or you’ll fall asleep). Now begin by breathing slowly. For a beginner it is best to keep breathing without stopping the flow of thoughts. Just breath normally trying to listen to the “nothing”. Focus on the sound that you hear in the quiet place you are in; which should be Nothing. 

After a few days of practice, you should try to limit your thoughts. I personally think that it’s not easy at all. But try non the less. Practice the listening of the “Nothing” and limit your thoughts as much as you can but don’t force too much, just enough to concentrate on the Nothingness around you. This will take time, but practice makes perfect.

After some time, when you feel ready for the next step, try to focus on your heart beat, you should be able to hear it. You should be able to hear your breath and your heart beating quietly. 

When you are used to it, try to focus on your inside and your breath, you should stop more thoughts, and concentrated harder on your inner self. 

By that time you should be able to stop any source of thought and any sound coming from the outside penetrating inside your head. 

Then you should be at peace with yourself.