Beauty in the Wold #2

Spain is one of the countries where beauty is part of the culture. Here you can see old ladies as beautiful as young ones. Taking care of their skin, hair, nails and shape as part of their feminine duties.
Most of the time the beauty center is at the hairdresser or perhaps I should say the hairdresser is at the beauty center. Because it’s hard to find a beautician who can’t take care of hairs and nails in the same shop.
In my opinion, the Spanish aren’t as hygienic as the Portuguese are (see here the previous post) but they are more elegant and feminine. Those who go to the beautician are more for a facial treatment rather than a corporal one and most of them are women of 40+.

Here they pay about 150 Euros for 10 facial sessions and 90 Euros for 6 corporal sessions