What about #65

Islam and the spiritual realm

We’ve heard a lot about Islam these recent years. Most often in a bad way. But why is a religion so wrongly pointed out? Because some of its followers misunderstood the concept of religion vs faith.
You can have a religion but no faith, as you can have a faith but no religion.
The faith resides in the spiritual realm while the religion resides in your actions and beliefs. The religion can be interpreted in various ways by the believer. But the faith is lived and felt by different religions.
When people do bad actions in the name of a religion, it’s because they believe that God can’t do that action without their help. They diminish the power of God. They believe that God needs them to accomplish something, that they’re the lawyers of God. They lack of faith, they only see what’s outside and leave the inside behind.
The one who has faith, can be of any religion. He lives with his soul, he perceives things that others don’t, he understand the law of life while those who practice a religion don’t understand. He firmly believes in God by the knowledge of his soul.
Unfortunately not all men of God have faith, either be it a Priest, an Imam, a Rabi or a monk.
I live in a spiritual family. Where my dad taught me that everything has a purpose and nothing is a coincidence. Signs are around us to help us, and to make us see what we’re supposed to understand.
I believe that God communicate with us through his signs. We’re able to achieve amazing things when we pay attention to what’s out there with our soul.
Islam teach us to us this gift (soul) to see the wonders around us, to understand his signs, to build a bridge between Him and us. Islam is far more than a way of worshipping God and wearing a hijab.
Some muslims consider themselves muslims even though they’re assassins and thieves.
While others consider themselves Christians even though they live like Muslims yet they don’t know it.
Faith is the only link we all have to attain the spiritual realm where many things are possible.
As a muslim I believe that God sent us many messengers among which Moses, Jesus, and Mohammed to make us aware of our potential and to make us understand that He is powerful over all things. He doesn’t need our help as He doesn’t need us, but WE need Him as we’re nothing without His will or help.

What About #64

How is it possible that sometimes we feel lonely while the most powerful entity is just next to us or should I say within us (through our soul)? Whatsoever your belief, you’re aware that God is omnipresent. No way you’ll ever be in your own. So why do we neglect God’s friendship and search for what is further if not…. unreachable bond?
Maybe the answer lies in our way of perceiving friendship. If we don’t get a reciprocal contact we feel alone.
Yet that way of perceiving things mustn’t prevent us from talking to the one who created us. He listens to our deepest secrets. So why not sharing our thoughts, dreams, fears…. willingly with Him?
God isn’t a physical being who can be male or female. God should be perceived as an Energy. It has nothing to do with what Michel Angelo painted.
Unfortunately, that version of God has been adopted as if it was a reality, in the Christian world. Is it so hard to believe that God doesn’t look like a human at all?
The Bible says that God created us in his own image.
Have you thought that this sentence refered to our soul and not to our appearance?
God is too powerful, ingenious , wise, smart…. (whatever the adjective) to give away what He looks like to those who hate Him, who dislike Him, who don’t believe in His existence ….
Taking what Michel Angelo imagined, “God” has a beard, a nose, two eyes, two arms, two legs, a head, of course a brain, a stomach, a heart…. In that case, that makes of “God” someone who needs to eat and subsequently having the need to go to the toilet! That’s an insult and a way to turn God into an Inferior Entity.
So what’s the point of calling God a “He”? I guess because it’s more respectful than calling God an “It” but it doesn’t mean that it is actually a “He”.
In the ancient times there were Gods and Goddesses everywhere. We were raised believing that “he” or “she” was an all powerful being capable of destroying this or that, capable of blessing this one or that one. So perhaps the men of faith introduced God as a “He” so that “It” could be more intimidating or respected than a “She”.
In Islam the name “Allah” which means The Divinity, is written as a feminine name. In Hebrew the name “YHWH” which means I am what I am, looks like Ya Hwa which in Arabic means “Oh Him”. So there is no point in attributing a gender to God.
Now what does all that has to do with talking to God?
When you speak to God, it means you accept the fact that God is All Powerful. He has the ability to hear you and answer you in whatever way pleases Him. You’re aware that you’re not alone, Something / Someone is watching you and is paying attention to your feelings. You take God as your intimate confident. You can ask His forgiveness without asking someone else’s intervention. All that ….. through your soul. God shared a part of Him in each of us so that we may contact Him whenever we want to for FREE. The soul is a secure network with which you can communicate without any contract , bills or malwares that can corrupt it.
The soul is a priceless gift from God to His creatures so that they can live in a rocky deadly planet like Mars, and still make contact with Him.

Poetry #44

As i walked into a forest
where woods tagngled with each other
the sent of green filled my lungs
the faint noise of crackling wood
Stole my soul burying it deep
Somewhere I knew not
I lost myself in this world
Where souls meet and touch
far in a realm of an ancient time
I cannot reach it with my body
I cannot see it with my eyes
But i can feel it in my heart
That my soul is happy and at peace
Away from me, away from life
These woods hold secrets
never revealed to any human
But i need my soul
To be whole
Where should I search
For this deep entrance
To reach the realm of the unknown
hard it is for the light
To cross the shadows
Of these heavy branches
I can’t see much but i hear
A whisper calling me
Leaves cracking under my feet
Led me to an abyss
What is this world
Should I let myself fall
For the sake of a soul
Where am i going
In the deepth of a forest
Into the abyss