Novus Lectio’s update

So what have I been up to since my last breaking news?
If you’ve been following me, you would know that as a social media marketer and manager, it is my duty to bring Brand awareness or Leads to a business, starting with my own obviously. But that isn’t easy as I’m building my reputation from scratch. And not every business owner is aware of the Social Media’s importance.
Some don’t know how to use Pinterest or Instagram hence they leave their opportunity for more audacious entrepreneurs.
What does it take to be among those renowned Enterprises, that we hear of everyday? Keeping up a good profile, by updating it few hours or at least once a day, relevant content that attracts viewers and readers, a customer service which is always available to respond to customer’s query and being motivated to keep up the hard work.
These steps are those I’m going through every day.
Every business needs a social media manager and marketer.
To expose what the enterprise has to offer and find the right customers among the millions of daily social media users.
Each platform works differently. In some you can post short video clips, in others only articles, etc… To know and mange all of them in the right way is what the social manager does.
If you think that your business isn’t working that great it is probably because you need someone to boost it for you. While you get busy with your own work.

You need only 3 platforms to get going. But sometimes you have try multiple platforms to find the ones that work best. When you do, stick to them and work as much as you can to gain its full potential.

LinkedIn :

Social media management

Social media management is the knowledge on how to expose your brand or your products to a wide audience.
To do so, there are lots of things to take in consideration. For whom you are promoting, which age group, are they women or men, who is most likely to buy it or to follow you, what time is best to publish an ad or post…..
But knowing these techniques aren’t going to help you get famous right away, it takes time to get known.
The SM manager has to be constantly updated about the new trends and tips to enhance its performance.

It takes a lot to be a very good Social Media manager. But practice makes perfect.
Nowadays, a social media manager has been hired by every company that we hear of. Every new product that we buy is because a social media manager promoted it in the first place for you to see it.
It is an important part of a company.