Trick and treats

This is a collaboration with the lovely Uzma who has a great imagination! Thank you for writing this story with me.

I wish that you all check her blog out.

Plus, our collaboration is still going. We’ve got future posts to schedule, God willing. 😉

“Trick and treats!! “
“oh hello my lovely children, let’s see who we have here! A Princess and a vampire, I guess you’re after candies, aren’t you?”
“yes ma’am!”
“Here, grab anything you can”
“thank you”
“you’re welcome and have fun”
The 2 little children stepped away from the house toward the next one
“I guess we have enough candies” said Jane
“You don’t want some more?” asked Billy
“No I’m tired, I wanna go home”
They’ve been knocking on doors for more than an hour and a half. Their bags were heavy and the full moon was shining upon them. Their house was at the other end of town, they knew that they had almost twenty minutes walk to get there and the candies were just on their bags.
“Can we start eating them now?” asked Jane
“Mom said not to stop on the way back”
“We don’t have to stop, we can eat whatever comes out of the bag”
“I suppose so….” said Billy looking at his own bag
But eating candies slowed down their pace. It was late, the stores were closing, the people little by little disappeared in their homes. They still weren’t home.
“Billy, I’m so tired. Why aren’t we home yet?”
“We’re not too far, we just left the town center”
The moonlight shone on their path, only the sound of their steps could be heard. The houses were dark, there was no lights in their windows and no sound either.
” Billy, why is it too quiet?”
“I don’t know Jane, we’ll ask mom” Billy didn’t like the sound of it, he knew that something was not right. They were just twenty minutes walk from home, yet it seems that it was almost midnight.
Arriving, they’ve stopped in front of their house. There were no lights in the house.
“I think we remained more than we should have. Mom probably went out to look for us” said Billy
“What about supper?”
“I don’t know. Stay close Jane, we don’t know what’s happening”
They went in. Everything was in place, the clock was striking midnight.
“Midnight?” asked Jane
“Come Jane, let’s check mom’s room “
Quietly they went up the stairs and silently went in their mother’s room. There was no-one. The bed was made, and there wasn’t any trace that someone was there.
“Mom is not here!” said Billy
“I’m going to sleep here, so that she’ll find me when she returns”
“No Jane! She couldn’t have left the house. If she wanted to look for us, she would have done so earlier. This house is ours, but there is something different about it. Let’s check the rest of the house”
The house did look somewhat different. There was a creepy, strange and ominous feel to it. It’s darkness and slithery silence gave them goosebumps. That feeling when the children are calling out their mom and not getting a reply is eerie in itself.
Jane tried to turn the lights on but they flickered and fused. Inside the sweeping full moonlight, Billy could see spider webs that he had never noticed before.
’why is our voice echoing, when the house is not empty, ’ Jane asked with a fear strike.
Before Billy could mutter a word they heard flapping of wings of bats that got perturbed by their movement and sound.
Jane saw an image of a beast, like a dragon hung in the air like a transparent screen.
’welcome back home my children’, they heard a familiar voice of their mother, only that it was queerer this time.
Jane and Billy both tried to focus on the image that dissolved into a hideous one yet again.
’Welcome to the real you, beginning of a new world of magical possibilities, oh how I waited for this day to disclose our secrets of special sinister powers’. The freaking image babbled.
Jane and Billy looked at each other, shocked, terrified and drenched. They shouted and screamed but then that was ’normal’ on that day for the outside world.
They stood silently for a moment when they heard the voice again, ’so! What do you say? Trick or Treat?’
’trick’, they both replied at the same time.