Poetry #76 – (collaboration with Cmapillay)

I’m looking for answers
Will i find any
Questions follow others
Is there an end
Searching for a meaning
Where thousands of it
Can be found
One is real
yet others are fake
Understanding what is ancient
Can become anguish
When the current meets the old
time changed the words
as much as the deeds
Will the past reveal its mysteries
For someone like me

Will i be content
Is that the beginning of my end
Among the one that is real
And thousands that are fake
Will i make the discovery
That i was destined to make
The words are no more the same
For the past that holds the mystery
I now heavenly await the future
And no more afraid of the history


Poetry #59 – An Anchor (A collaboration with Aquib)

I thank Aquib for the patience he had to enhance this poem. He has a different and more professional way of writing poems, so visit his blog for real poetry.

The need of a friend
Is what I’m seeking
I’ve looked everywhere
But I’m still searching
No one is able to reach me
Deep into my feelings
Where my hurts linger
Like the feeling of
serene dreams,
where like minds
flock together.
A place sojourn
in the land somewhere,
The need is just to “come out”.
To Break
the tedious monotonous tone,
and sing aloud under the red sky,
With patience and
The surrenderance
you shall see the stand,
the anchor you hoped,
you can gleefully stand.
This world is a hoax,
a unsatiate dilemma
a flummoxed serendipity.
Not understood is overwhelming
No trust is given
Only to the sweet being
Who is worthy
Of my love and caring
Where are you dear friend
I’m tired of thinking
About my nights and days
You’re my hope and lightning
In the darkness of life
You’re the piece missing
In this world of fear
Peace and understanding
Are hard to find nowadays
As much as you are hiding
You shall be tested so are we,
You who is as fit as a fiddle,
And as strong as a spartan,
You who marched alone, ahead,
Unlike those of the six hundred,
Shall pass sweep all the hurdles,
Since, the guiding torch you possess,
And the rope you clenched,
Is far divine from those
of the masquerading face.
Rest all is a pseudo
feelings of perplexity,
And make believe
a new day will shine,
And you shall have the hand,
Where you shall find
peace tranquility