Featured: Shreya Jindal / Title: Happy life – a myth

This was something Novus stated clearly. Are you amazed reading the heading?
Well! I had gone nuts after reading it. It seems something really bold and I couldn’t bear it.
I had to tell myself, a hundred times that if we try to find happiness we will surely cherish it. And then, I went somewhat normal.
Though I know, happiness is something not for me but I am as mad as anything, that I still keep on searching for it, in every little thing. But I guess, that’s what life is.
I kept on repeating this line again and again- “happy life is a myth and as we grow up we realise that it’s the truth.”
It just got struck up my mind and can never get out now. It is painful but at the same time makes us realise what life is.
How does it even feel when you are happy? I mean I have never experienced it so just asking.


Poetry #55

It hurts being guilty
When you point it at me
Even when I was being silly
Did you ever thought
of making me happy
All you want is to be glumy
Instead of being cheerful
Your words hurt deeply
You’ve changed a lot
I miss the old you dearly
But time has gone rot
stop being mean to me
Stop judging everything you see
You’ve bewitched my days
Turning everything against me
I have enough of this madness
I want to go away and feel happiness

Poetry #54 – A Ballad

Hello friends, this is a tag created by Aquib, I would like to thank him for thinking about me.

What’s a ballad ?

poem or song narrating a story in short stanzas. Traditional ballads are typically of unknown authorship, having been passed on orally from one generation to the next.
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Once upon a time, A bear cub was born
Life wasn’t easy, he knew nothing at all
But the cub was well fed and warm
Happily as he can be, from winter to fall

His parents and him were on the move
The cub learned new things everyday
From food to life, there was lots to say
His parents were brilliant but silly
They didn’t want to settle, which was folly

So the bear cub remained alone
Year after year, the cub grew up
Soon his fears and sadness pent up
His Happiness has come to naught
He learned what he was taught

Still he was alone, he wasn’t whole
He had dreams, he told his soul
He wanted new things other than sceneries
He wanted to have a home, not worries

His parents were often happy
even though they were getting old
it was harder to find honey
As if it was gold

They were becoming skinnier
And the young growing cub even more
Hope was becoming thinner
But they couldn’t do much but ignore
As they didn’t know what to do

The little grown up bear
Is still as he was when he was a cub
He never caught a fish nor a lair
He doesn’t have a life, it’s not fair
He’s often stressed with despair
He tries to forget and live like a bear

He’s very often depreciate
Whatever he does he feels alienate
Why leaving in a world so deceiving
While he could be happy dreaming

He still wanders in his dark forest
Surrounded by unknown possibilities
Till the day he will take his rest
When the time comes for certainties


Mel Gutiér
Lost Soul
Fiery Song
shreya jindal

Poetry #22

Dark thoughts hidden in my mind 

At times I fell death just behind

My heart beats a thousand times

More than I can write in rimes

Tears spring to my eyes

All I want is to scream 

and cry for all the lies

following me as in a dream
These feelings of despair

hurting me and destroying 

Hopes and joys

Where the word begone

Doesn’t exist 

in my daily life
Just a deep heartbeat 

That will cease one day

Taking me where I belong

either in Bliss or in Hell 
Your soul and mine are joined.

Though our differences

we are loved

We share the same passion 

The same scars

Which might fade

When wounds heal

Poem #17

Pouring rain 

wash down my sorrows

falling deep into the shadows

drops of water

calm my sadness 

and melt my weariness

lost between sky and earth

where my mind tears apart

taking all the mirth

dark clouds of dust

violently pull memories 

which should be forgotten 

leaving no glories 

to dwell alone rotten

without will

without hope

take my wish

away from this torment

so that you may restore 

those cheerful moments 

to their original dwelling 

as they were before