Poetry #88 – A collaboration with Shreya Jindal

I took a cat
Out of a hat
He mewed
catching a rat

I yelled at him
“leave him be
Do you see
He’s not enough fat”

I knew what I was doing was not right
Telling a cat to be quite
And not to catch a rat
For he had enough of the fat

He hissed at me
Left the rat be
He showed me his tail
And took off as a sail

Relieved, I was
Bending down to catch up with cat
The moment I went on my knees

A dog appeared
And i shout hard as I feared
He would bite me
I took my feet and flee
leaving the cat under the tree

As I was acting a shield to the rat
I guess, it was the dog who shielded the cat

Poetry #7

How can a cat and a rat

jumping from hat to hat

turning them all flat

be so fat?




all they do is fighting 

that’s what they do for living.

In winter 

while the cat sleeps

the rat rejoys and sings

they’re both happy 

as long as they don’t meet.

The cat is snappy

while the rat is jumpy,

As the story never ends

the tales become legends.