What have we learned from “People of the Book”

Hey guys, you’ve been reading this series of posts for almost a month. That’s a lot!

I’ve noticed that most people aren’t interest in religion or God. Even though it is the most important thing in a human’s life. We prefer to read what is humourous or entertaining rather than something that puts us in an uncomfortable position.

That’s your choice.

Now, for those how have been reading, I’ve got a few questions:

What have you learned?

What is your opinion?

What is your new resolution?

I’m sure that not many of those who have been reading will answer, not because they don’t want to but because they haven’t read it. They just pressed “like” as they did with any other post.

The good thing though, it is that I’ll know who has been cheating! 😜

Interview with Uzma

Here we go again! The fabulous Uzma accepted to be interviewed by me. Let see what she has to say….

  • What if the dinos still existed?

Countries will be ranked not safe for travel with unfriendly, untamed and prejudiced dinos.

There will be travel vaccines accordingly and drones for Dino safety.

  • Grilled, fried or boiled?

Depends how hungry I am 😝

Prefer Grilled for all overrated health reasons.

  • Do you believe in life after death?

When the universe is kept in perfect balance to sustain life, to provide provisions, relations and responsibilities…

It is but evident, there is more that we know ..

  • How hateful is hate?

Hate is a strong emotion. Needs dedication, consistency and passion. All for no gain. So what a waste. A big fat no to hate.

  • Sweet or savoury?

Prefer savoury mostly but in winter need instant energy and more craving for sugar. There are moments when red velvet cake is an apple of my eyes.

  • Best food?

Home made from scratch food with my lovely family and friends.

  • Do you agree with those who try the extremes (such as climbing the highest mountain, diving in the deepest waters…)

Sportsmanship is a good spirit…To an extent its ok, but life is too precious to take risks.

A mother climbs the highest mountain and dives the deepest waters to bring life to this world, it should be taken care of.

  • If you’re the prime minister of the UK, what would you start by doing?

Taking a deep breath.

  • What’s your hobby?

Doing what my children like for hobby that day.. changes as per their mood.