Les prepositions / The prepositions

You might have noticed from the previous posts (if you’ve heard the pronunciation) that some letters are not pronunced such as the “s” or “x” at the end of a word. These kind of letters are silent.

The prepositions in French have different meanings, like in English we say “on the first floor ” not “at the first floor ” as in French we would have said.

I don’t expect you to memorize them because it’s impossible, you’ll learn them in the future with the proper phrases such as the examples in english.

In English you’ll find the meaning, but as there is no rule, this post is just to get familiarized with the words but not their way of using them.

Dans / In the building , on the street, in the book, in a taxi, on the bus, into the kitchen

Sur / on the couch, on the table , over the bridge, a path above the lake

Pour / for 2 years, the lady came to tell me ok

Depuis / since 1980, since I came along

Pendant/ at

Sous / under, below

À / at the train station, at nine o’clock, in London, at school

Devant / in front of, before

Avant / before

Apres / after

Jusqu’à / Monday to friday, The child won’t eat until her mom asks her to

Vers / toward

De / it’s from Jane, by Michel Angelo

Au / at the bar, at the theatre, at work, on the first floor, going to bed

En / in winter, in swimming suit

Parce que / For I was ill, because he left without me

À la / at the next exit, at the door, at the station

Par / by car, by train

Don’t hesitate to ask any questions if needed.