What about… #12

Sometimes it’s difficult to change the way things are, but when it’s about Health, the faster is the better.

Being slim nowadays is the image of being sexy, attractive and at ease in its own skin. Some people find being overweight attractive as well, even though a slim person is often seen in better shape than a fat one. The appearance is a matter of opinion. But as this post is about health and not shape I’d better start my topic by what’s noxious about junk and canned food.

1. We’ve all been taught since our teens that Cholesterol and Saturated Fats are what causes heart disease. The principle is that these two block the heart’s arteries, so that the blood doesn’t flow anymore, the heart stops working and we get a heart attack. So some of us have been avoiding these two for most of our lives. But new discoveries have shown that Cholesterol and Saturated Fats are not involved with the heart disease.

I know that it’s hard to believe at first, but it’s true. Here is why: Most of the researchers are convinced that the human body is capable of changing the Saturated Fat into Cholesterol while new proofs have demonstrated that only the rat is capable of such transformation. The human being can’t. What is Cholesterol remains such and what is Saturated remains Saturated. That means, if someone has a bad heart condition, there is not much he could do about it because the Cholesterol which blocks the arteries comes from within, from our own body production.

Now among these Fats there is a Fat called Trans-Fat or Hydrogenated fat which has been used for decades, new evidences have shown that this one is bad for the human being. Trans-Fat is an oil that has been manipulated to change it into a hard grease like butter. It is or was (due to the fact that it is forbidden in some Europeans countries but not in the US) still found in a variety of aliments, widely in margarine, biscuits, noodle soups, cakes, donuts… It is advisable to eat what we were used to eat for billion of years, such as butter, eggs, home made cakes, home made pop corn… Rather than Pre-made meals/ Junk Foods which are often source of Cholesterol, Salt, Trans-Fats and Sugar among other noxious ingredients.

Trans fat also increases your cholesterol level. It’s even worse than saturated fat because it raises bad cholesterol and lowers good cholesterol. Of course not every pre-made meal is bad, what if you’re looking for cooked/frozen fish, cooked/frozen vegetables or even frozen berries these are good, but I’m speaking about canned lasagna, canned chilly, long life cakes, frozen hamburgers, you know what I mean. I know, that is bad news but eating healthier helps. Just take your time reading the ingredients of what you buy, don’t buy any kind of crisps or the cheapest ones, search for their differences. Sometimes to pay a little extra saves us from paying much more for a cure.

Here is a link to read more on Trans-Fats: https://chriskresser.com/the-diet-heart-myth-cholesterol-and-saturated-fat-are-not-the-enemy/

But you can make your own research if you like, to have more details. Oh by the way, don’t expect your doctor to tell you this. If he spent his entire life prescribing medicine anti-cholesterol he won’t be brave enough to tell you that he was duped as well in this pharmaceutical business.

2. Who hasn’t been told not to eat too many sweets because it’s bad for your teeth and health? Too much sugar can lead to Diabetes. About 75% of the American people are overweight or obese, roughly 10% of the population have diabetes type 1. While 50% of the Europeans are overweight and 10-30% are obese.

Junk foods are high in calories but low in nutritional value, this can cause them to digest more quickly, which can spike blood sugar levels and increase bad cholesterol levels and get you hungry faster so that you’ll eat more and buy more, that’s why it isn’t so expensive. In general, these foods include processed and prepared snack foods with long, often unpronounceable ingredient lists. Consuming excess sugars and fats found in these foods can contribute to weight gain. This excess weight is associated with diabetes.

One of the top risk factors for developing type 2 diabetes is being overweight. Sugar also shows up in flavored yogurt and condiments like salad dressings, mayonnaise, and ketchup. It’s also found in high quantities in some fat free foods, as it’s used to substitute for fat ( becaus the human body turns sugar into fat)

The good news is that you can lower your blood sugar by using some natural products every day. You may not believe that it works, but as I personally use them, I can assure you, that it really works in a few weeks only.

a/ you need to use the cinnamon as much as you can, for instance put two soup spoons of it in your coffee or tea daily, some on your food, or on top of your cakes, why not in your bread. Now the thing is that there are two kinds of cinnamon.

The cassia which comes from China and the Ceylon/Zeylanium which comes from Sri Lanka and Madagascar. The second one is better for long term use. Because researchers found in the latest study that coumarin, a naturally-occurring substance found in the cassia, may cause liver damage taken for long periods of time.

It depends on where you live but if you live in UK you can easily find it in any health store (except Holland & Barrett) and it’s cheap about 1.£50 for 30-40 grams. If you’re in Ireland or Switzerland you can buy it from Lidl for 0.40-0.€50/CHF for 40 grams. In France, Spain and Belgium you can buy it from a Bio store or from a health shop/herbalist like anywhere else in the world actually, and it will cost roughly 1.€50.

Always check at the back of the bottle for the type of cinnamon, if nothing is written than it’s the most common one i.e cassia.

b/ With that you must add Cider vinegar (apple vinegar) in your diet. Instead of using white/red wine vinegar use this one as often needed. Plus you can add it to your tap water instead of drinking it still. Don’t say that you won’t like it before tasting it!

Stop drinking sodas too often, stop drinking beer that will swell your belly. Take some still water and add 5-10% of cider vinegar and drink it, you’ll find it strange at first but as soon as you get used to it, you won’t be able to drink any still water anymore. I personally never drink tap water without vinegar; it’s too dull.

It is very easy and cheap to buy this kind of vinegar, it is roughly 1€/£ or less in any European country for 500-750ml. The quantity of vinegar that you have to put in the water mustn’t be excessive, just enough to give the water a yellow hue.

You can make your own research to have more details.

3. The salt is a good and useful condiment, but in high dosage and many times a day, it is harmful. For people with high blood pressure, the salt can increases their blood pressure and can cause them a heart attack. For normal people it isn’t that dangerous but salt has the inconvenience of making your body retain water. The excess of water in our body has an impact on our shape. The maximum dosage for an adult is 3g a day.

There are a herbal teas that you can take that will help you get rid of the excess of water such as: centella asiatica, fillipendula ulmaria…. it works pretty well in a months.

You may read further about water retention: http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/187978.php

Junk foods are everywhere. You see them in vending machines, rest stops, hotels, theaters, gas stations, etc… and if that isn’t enough, incessant advertising promotes junk food on television.

If you’re a fan of hamburgers or chips or even sodas, make them at home. You can fry your own chips in olive oil or sunflower with no extra ingredients and it is more fun. Make your own hamburgers with mince meat and spices, your own bun. Your own sodas with sparkling water, honey and lemon for instance. Resist the urge of eating junk food and opt for a healthier living style, you won’t regret it.

Stop buying what commercials tell you to buy. Try to lose some weight, you’ll fell better afterwards, it might be hard at first but the human body is very flexible, it can adjust itself to be satisfied with less food. I’m not overweight myself, I weight 52kg now, but I’ve been dieting for three months last spring, and I lost 4kg. There are many free apps to help you lose weight such as “mynetdiary” which I used, it is easy and with no boring ads. To look slimmer is better, more sophisticated than looking overweight. It is not what food can do for you, but what you can do for yourself.

Here is what to look for:

foods that are low in sodium foods that are low in trans fat whole unprocessed carbs such as vegetables, fruits, and whole high fiber grains a managed amount of carbohydrates an adequate amount of protein

Also, eating smaller meals instead of three large meals a day can help you manage your hunger better.

Getting plenty of exercise will help you lower your blood sugar too. keep a food journal to note when you eat and how much.

It will help you see: if you’re overeating if you eat a particular junk food often

Try to swap out junk foods with healthy alternatives. If you enjoy eating out, it’s best to avoid fast food restaurants.

Don’t fall into the trap of ordering a deluxe or super-sized food option because it’s a good money value. It may save you money, but it doesn’t save on calories, sugar, or fat consumption.

Avoid fried foods and go for grilled or broiled instead. Choose lean meats such as turkey or chicken breast.

Watch the condiments. Mustard is healthier than mayonnaise, ketchup, or rich sauces.

In the morning, stick with whole-grain high fiber buns, bread, or English muffins, which are lower in calories and fat.

Order your burger without cheese, which has additional calories and fat.

Salad bars are good, but limit toppings such as bacon and cheese.

Choose healthier fat options such as nuts, seeds, and avocado. Load up on carrots, peppers, onions, broccoli, cauliflower, and celery as well as greens.

If eating pizza, select only veggie toppings. .

Poetry #6

Stars running in the void

unleash a tremendous feeling 

that we cannot avoid,

clouds of gas and dust melting

into the black of darkness.

By diverse temperature they leave their mark

where they once lived is now emptiness 

just their memories remain to spark.

Fine measurements are required 

for life to exist and be admired,

while other planets are dead as stones

this one is filled with water and air,

with which tiny drops are the keystones

creating living plants per pair.

While greedy predators enjoy all the work for free,

life is sustained by a power capable to see

which pitiful being believes that everything comes out of the blue

without law nor order, which is not true.

​Healing plants for cold and flu

Elder is an Anti inflammatory, Styptic, Anti viral, and the flowers are laxative 

Willow is an Anti inflammatory, Styptic, Anti Viral and of course a source of Aspirin

Garlic is a Styptic, Antiseptic, Anti Viral, Anti fungus, circulation stimulant

Marsh Mallow is a Soothing, emolient, nutritive , calms the cough, it’s good for throat and mouth infections

Elcampane is an Antiseptic, Anti spasmodic, Expectorant 

Sage is a Stimulant, Astringent, Antiseptic, is is good for the wind and throat

Thyme’s oil is Antiviral & Anti fungus and good for the muscles, bronchitis dilator, good for cough, throat and wind

Colt’s foot is Anti inflamatory, Demulcent, good for cough and its leaves are full of Vitamine C

Cinnamon is a  warming, Anti spasm, Astringent, Antiseptic for cold, fevers, indigestion & irritable bowels

Eucalyptus it’s essantiel oil is anti bacterial,  good for respiratory problems, warming soothing in massages

Hyssop is for respiratory problems, digestive disordre 

Ginger is a warming, reduce travel nausea, calms the digestion & for wind

Turmeric is an anti inflammatory, antiseptic, for cough, cold, flu, digestion and anti-allergic

Relaxing plants

These are relaxing plants that you may grow in your backyard or in your house:

Chamomile is a relaxant, sedative, anti inflammatory and a digestive 

Hawthorn is good for the heart, it relaxes the arteries, it helps the heart’s circulation and it’s against palpitations
Eleuthroccocus Senticocus (similar to the syberian ginseng) helps the body deal with stress, tonic for immune system, nerve tonic and against exhaustion
Rosmarin is a nerve tonic, it stimulate the blood’s circulation, antiseptic, light anti depressive and digestive 
Skullcap is a nervine, sedative, anti stress, insomnia and depression 
Valerian is a sedative and relaxant 
Verbana is a relaxant, nervine, anti spasmodic, diuretic, bitter tonic 
Pasque flower  is an anti inflamatory, sedative, for pains BUT don’t use the fresh plant
Californian poppy is a sedative, it treats insomnia, anxiety and tension
Lactuca virosa (kind of lettuce) is a sedative for anxiety and nervine
Lavender is used for migraine and its oil sooths after a sunburn, and it helps the  digestion

You may check out the Healing plants as well.

Healing plants #1

These are a few healing plants which you can grow at home without too much fuss and which could  be used anytime.

Yarrow is a styptic (wounds), antiseptic, anti inflammatory, nervine and good to treat fevers

Calendula  Officinallis is a styptic, antiseptic, anti inflammatory, nervine, healing, anti fungal

Echinacea is an antiseptic, anti inflammatory, immune system stimulant and for infections such as cold/flu and herpes

St John Wort is an Anti inflammatory, Healing, Analgesic and anti depressant

Aloe Vera is a famous antiseptic, anti inflammatory, Anti Fungal, Healing and for burns of type 1

Agrimony Eupatoria is an astring, anti-diarrhoea and for wounds

Arnica montana is to enhance the blood circulation and  healing properties but NOT on open wounds

Plantain  is an expectorant, can be used for gastric problems, externaly for insect bites, for slow healing wounds & as a poultice

Feverfew  is an anti inflammatory and good for migraine

I hope that this might be useful for those who wish to plant useful plants at home.