What about … #26

What intelligent being, what being capable of responding emotionally to a beautiful sight, can look at the jagged, silvery lunar crescent trembling in the azure sky, even through the weakest of telescopes, and not be struck by it in an intensely peasurable way, not feel cut off from everyday life here on Earth and transported toward that first stop on celestial journeys? What thoughtful soul look at brilliant Jupiter with its four attendant satellites, or splendid Saturn encircled by its mysterious ring, or a double star glowing scarlet and sapphire in the infinity of night, and not be filled with a sense of wonder? Yes, indeed, if humankind – from humble farmers in the fields and toilong workers in the cities to teachers, people of independent means, those who have reached th pinnacle of fame or fortune, even the most frivolous of society of women – if they knew what profound inner pleasure awaits those who gaze at the heavens, then France, nay, the whole of europe, would be covered with telescopes instead of bayonets, thereby promoting universal happiness and peace.

Camille Flammarion, 1880

French astromomer

Foreign threats are good for the human race

I’ve been in the social media since ~4 years now. I’ve learned many things, made many friends, had a few enemies, seen a few people changing thier way of life, heard many sorrows, laughed at lots of jokes, read many people’s issues…. At the end we’re all alike. We all share our troubles to those who want to hear them. Some say that it is borring to hear people’s stories, such as “why do they share their story on the social medias? They shouldn’t do that!”. But it’s the only way to know that we’re all humans, we all have our share of anxiety and stress which may lead to depression. Last night I’ve seen the movie Predator 4. To cut a long story short, it is about mutated aliens who intend to steal Earth from the humans. At some point, two groups of humans who were enemies since the beginning of the movie, decided to unite to kill that Predator. That made me realize how stupid we are! Wars are tearing us apart for some irrelevant reasons, revenge is ruining families around the globe, hatered is spreading as it was once in the 20th century… I know exactly what we need: We need a spacial invasion! Yes. It is the only way to feel enough threatened for us to unite. There won’t be any more ethnical, religious or political divisions. We’ll be one human race against a global threat.

Poetry #90 (collaboration with Ward Clever)

It is fun to be out here
In the wild alone without fear
Being alive and smile from ear to ear
Away from the noise from the front And rear
I think that to be at peace and able to revere
The creator of beauties and to be sincere
We need to connect with our soul which Is near
Only Then we’ll be whole and free as a deer
Now come with me my dear
We’ll go far and smear
Happiness high and clear
That happiness won’t end
When it’s shared with a friend
Who is there to mend
And has a hand and ear to lend
Who would never pretend
And would never condescend
On their way their words would wend
And their creation would tend
To fill the messages they send
So their essences will blend
Into poetry they’ve penned

Ward Clever

Poetry #59 – An Anchor (A collaboration with Aquib)

I thank Aquib for the patience he had to enhance this poem. He has a different and more professional way of writing poems, so visit his blog for real poetry.

The need of a friend
Is what I’m seeking
I’ve looked everywhere
But I’m still searching
No one is able to reach me
Deep into my feelings
Where my hurts linger
Like the feeling of
serene dreams,
where like minds
flock together.
A place sojourn
in the land somewhere,
The need is just to “come out”.
To Break
the tedious monotonous tone,
and sing aloud under the red sky,
With patience and
The surrenderance
you shall see the stand,
the anchor you hoped,
you can gleefully stand.
This world is a hoax,
a unsatiate dilemma
a flummoxed serendipity.
Not understood is overwhelming
No trust is given
Only to the sweet being
Who is worthy
Of my love and caring
Where are you dear friend
I’m tired of thinking
About my nights and days
You’re my hope and lightning
In the darkness of life
You’re the piece missing
In this world of fear
Peace and understanding
Are hard to find nowadays
As much as you are hiding
You shall be tested so are we,
You who is as fit as a fiddle,
And as strong as a spartan,
You who marched alone, ahead,
Unlike those of the six hundred,
Shall pass sweep all the hurdles,
Since, the guiding torch you possess,
And the rope you clenched,
Is far divine from those
of the masquerading face.
Rest all is a pseudo
feelings of perplexity,
And make believe
a new day will shine,
And you shall have the hand,
Where you shall find
peace tranquility

Poem #18

Light from above

Shining upon us

pleasure beyond joy

A sense of peace 

and brotherhood

were our differences 

Join and spread

Smiles of hope

And tender love

To those who care 

about eachother
A light from above

Sweet as honey

soft as silk

Touching our hearts 

Melting with ecstasy 

Through deep warmth 

and pure serenity

We’re uniting our souls

To the One above

who masters all

By His grace  

Where all began