Black Panther

Black Panther, who has seen this movie?
If you haven’t, it means you must!πŸ‘Œ
It is an Epic Sci-Fi movie, with an original story not seen before.
It is not the usual science fiction movie where robots rule over the world or aliens with weird weapons attacking people… πŸ™„

Nooooo! this one is much much better and no aliens are involved. Just plain human beings.😊

The story is about T’Challa who is heir to the hidden, but very advanced kingdom of Wakanda (Africa), must step forward to lead his people into a new future and must confront a challenger from his country’s past.
Can you imagine an African country developed with so much Hi-Tech!? Wakanda is!

Who wouldn’t want this story to be true?
What I liked about this movie aside from its originality 😏, it is the actors’ performance, the music and the suspense πŸ˜€.

You’ll find some romance, fights and a lot of adventure.

I’ll vote it as the best movie since the start of 2019.😁

Bad times at El Royale

I’ve just seen “bad times at the royale” it’s a movie about seven strangers getting into a motel The El Royale which sits on the border between California and Nevada. Soon it becomes battleground when these seven strangers converge on a night where nothing was to go wrong.

It is categorised as: crime, drama and mystery

In my opinion it is the best movie I’ve seen recently due to the actor’s performance. They are absolutely brilliant! Their fear, their sadness, their lack of trust… They played their roles as if they were really living the story!

The movie is made by 7 actors in the same motel, it is rather difficult to have a whole story made in one place, yet it is done in an awesome way. As the movie goes, you start having a favourite character, one that you pity and one that you hate.

My favourite is the Afro-American character which plays the role of a soul singer (which she is in fact in the real life). The character has problems in her life, she always look so sad. But her voice is….. a marvel! God! She gave me goosebumps when she sang.

I pity the receptionist, (he’s a damn good actor!) even though we’ll get to know who he really is at the end of the movie, not spoiling the end! You must see it by yourself.

And finally I hated the unexpected guest arriving at the end too. He played soooo well his role to the point that I really hated him. He’s a brute!

The others are: an FBI agent which won’t be in the movie for long (poor guy)
A young woman who kidnapped her sister, for some reasons.
A fake priest, who is losing his memory little by little.
And finally the kidnapped sister which isn’t innocent as she looks like.

If you don’t mind seeing some blood, this movie is a must see! And it makes you ponder on how evil and pervert the human being can be.

I rate it 5 stars.


I’ve just seen this movie that was made in 2006 by Mel Gibson. There is a lot to say about it and I don’t know where to start.
In one sentence I would say: I loved it.
But this isn’t enough.
1/ I wouldn’t let a teenager see this movie. Too much violence. And nowadays too many bad things are learned through movies.
2/ The actors were BRILLIANT. It looked so real! When the women were beaten, when the men were slaughtered, when the babies were taken away, when the children were scared, when the mothers were separated from their children, etc… a real pain was seen in every scene as if they were really being tortured. That doesn’t mean that all the other movies I’ve seen weren’t real, it means that these actors which are not known are as good as any Leonardo DiCaprio or any Will Smith or any Shah Rukh Khan? Plus the ugliness of the bad guys turned the watcher even more against them for their cruelty and atrocities.
3/ This movie made me think about those different tribes who lived in South America well before the coming of the white man. How many savages assaulted a peaceful tribe who lived happily among themselves? How many have been tortured because of the cruelty of One? Why is the human being so enslaving, as soon as it discovers weaker species (people)? Why is there to be some who feel superior to others?
4/ I would recommend it for those who don’t mind seeing violence.

What about #61

I’ve heard a lot about a movie called Padington. I wasn’t very interested to see a talking bear with a hat , but the curiosity is often more powerful than the will.
So I’ve mind and seen Padington 1&2. All I can say is that it’s a brilliant and funny movie. If you haven’t seen it yet, please do if you’re. a light spirited person. You don’t have to be a child to enjoy this funny movie.
It speaks about a cub bear from a jumgle of Peru, who after the loss of his uncle in an earthquake, his aunt sends him to London where it is supposed to be a welcoming place for him. He will be loking for a home while lots of adventures awaits him.
I believe that this movie has a message to tell with this cute little Padington bear. It is a way to express a message of kindness and understanding toward the immigrants who make a long journey to our countries with the hope to start a new life. They need to understand the way we live, we work, we talk… and we need to trust them ’cause sometimes the evil deeds comes from us toward them.
I would really like you to spend some of your time watching this little cub who has lots of things to tell us.