I’ve seen it!!!

Last night, I didn’t have a clue about what I would be writing this morning. But things changed. I’ve read twice in my life a book called The Green Ray by Jules Verne, the main topic was that the first sun ray appearing when the sun is rising on water such as a sea, with a clear sky; is a green ray. So last night I had the chance of sleeping by the sea, and guess what I saw this morning. I woke up and the sun wasn’t up yet, so I waited almost half an hour, then the limit of the sea became ablaze for about 3mn. And then there it was. THE GREEN DOT. Can you imagine? It’s real. If you ever get the chance of looking at a rising sun over water with a clear sky, the very first ray will be a green ray, lasting no more than 2 seconds and then it will whiten, and the big orange ball will appear.

It sooooo beautiful! I can’t describe the feeling I had at that moment. You have to see this!