Healing plants #1

These are a few healing plants which you can grow at home without too much fuss and which could  be used anytime.

Yarrow is a styptic (wounds), antiseptic, anti inflammatory, nervine and good to treat fevers

Calendula  Officinallis is a styptic, antiseptic, anti inflammatory, nervine, healing, anti fungal

Echinacea is an antiseptic, anti inflammatory, immune system stimulant and for infections such as cold/flu and herpes

St John Wort is an Anti inflammatory, Healing, Analgesic and anti depressant

Aloe Vera is a famous antiseptic, anti inflammatory, Anti Fungal, Healing and for burns of type 1

Agrimony Eupatoria is an astring, anti-diarrhoea and for wounds

Arnica montana is to enhance the blood circulation and  healing properties but NOT on open wounds

Plantain  is an expectorant, can be used for gastric problems, externaly for insect bites, for slow healing wounds & as a poultice

Feverfew  is an anti inflammatory and good for migraine

I hope that this might be useful for those who wish to plant useful plants at home.