Tell me about it….

Yesterday the car broke down by a lack of petrol. There was no petrol station less than 6 miles (10km) from where we were. There were only fields and tiny villages. The car decided to stop in one of those in front of a house. Thank God it wasn’t in the middle of nowhere. Outside it was – 2 degrees, the plants were frozen. No way we could have walken to the petrol station. So I was to knock on a house to seek some help, when the house in front of which we stopped, opened the door. A man stepped outside to see what was going on. I told him that we were short on diesel. Very happily he proposed to take me to the nearest town to buy some fuel. In the meantime he remembered that he kept some petrol somewhere. Fortunately for us, he willingly gave it to us, It was about 20 littres! He didn’t even want to be paid!
How many of us would have done the same? What if the car stopped a few miles before the village? What if we were in a more remote area?
Yes, good people still exist. We must take an example of them and be more kind to those we meet