Poetry #117

I feel your eyes on me
I know that you’re mine
And that i am yours
Will our love last forever
Fate might prove us wrong
You’re my sunshine
But our days are counted
Our life may change
Our goals might drift away
And our dreams may fade
As the sun does at sundown

Guest Post: Lyra / Title: You’re my Angel

Wherever you go, I want to follow.
Whenever you speak, I will listen for your voice.
Living without you is black and white. You add color and beauty to my life in ways you never know.
Light dances around your face like a halo, I guess that would make sense because you are an angel in my eyes.
Your beauty and grace is like a willow tree swaying in the wind.
Such a natural beauty that I cannot live without.


Guest post: Nyctophile/ Title : Muse

You make jokes because you’re afraid to take anything seriously because if you take things seriously, they would matter.

Now you don’t have to ask me how I know this. We have scars in the same places and sometimes you learn to love from those who did not love you back.

There’s something that builds you into who you are by never being someone’s first choice. You’re not the first person that gets picked to sit with in class, as a project partner, you’re the bridesmaid but not the maid of honour, you’re the second favourite best friend but mind you, never ever the first. And honestly, that’s fine, who needs first when you can be someone’s last?
You make self deprecating jokes while I have high functioning anxiety. It’s perfect. But one morning, we split open and you looked at me and I thought – “I prayed for this and it’s in front of me”. You didn’t smile, or make eye contact, but the anguish would turn your grey eyes green, you’d just stare at the ground while I wanted to hold your face in my hands and say it’s okay. And then we both came crashing down, because we were naked with our clothes on and that’s an intimacy we could suddenly afford. Time was all we had and time is all we don’t.
I can’t remember the last time I cried. That kind of emotion hasn’t been evoked in me since a certain July that seems almost irrelevant now. First you stop feeling, and for a while when numb was beautiful to your success, and then, you start to unwind, one day, one kiss, one hug and one conversation at a time. This is what is transcendent about this bravery, even a little is enough.
I don’t remember when it hit me that you mattered because it wasn’t one instance;it was a collection till time was fluid.The first time you said what’s on your mind instead of joking about it,the first time you asked me if I was okay, and maybe the first time you found me like I was trying to find you.
Bottom line, it takes people so long to strip like this. So meet me halfway, on days where we can throw pebbles in the lake and on nights where one of us could be crying on the bathroom floor vehemently or maybe…maybe only for a day we would wonder as the gentle winter breeze ruffles the blades of grass, passing by, caressing my lightly clad body soothingly. We snuggle into the blanket that’s spread out and lay back on the damp ground, staring at the sky.
Or maybe it would be a day like when rains were predicted and we had decided to watch a movie at home. But somewhere around half past seven, thunder would stop roaring and there would be no rains. Abandoning our movie, we would step out and make our way to a meadow not far from home. We would bring nothing except a blanket with us. We would wrap ourselves with it and watch the best movie ever – the love story of the stars and the heavens. ” I want to do this with you sometime again. And again. For a very long time,” you would whisper, your his voice soft, almost sensual. Then with starry eyes when I would turn towards you and see your eyes dancing with delight, that I know I loved this man. “I love…” You would stopped me with a kiss. A kiss which would be a vow made to the mouth instead of being heard.
I would look up at the mesmerising expanse above me.We both would know it was supposed to rain, but the clouds would be cleared, giving us a breathtaking view of the stars. “It’s beautiful,” I would whisper. “It always was,” you would say. I would tilt my head to look at you, only to see that you were already watching me. “I love you” we mouth at the same time.

Maybe life is a battlefield to us where we hide under the illusion of jokes, but hey, you don’t have to make those jokes about love.


Poetry #96

Do you remember us
Melting our souls
Under a blissful sunrise
Do you remember us
Walking a path less wood
Where twigs and leaves
Cracking under our feet
Made us grow stronger
Do you remember us
Reading to each other
Poems of hope and love
Do you remember us
When we were kids
As free as a spirit
Do you remember us
Being as one under the moon
Do you remember us
Parting as we let go
Of the time spent together
To become half again