Poetry #164

Sweet is your name
That fills my heart
A light that surrounds me tenderly
Making my heart beat faster
The thoughts of you gives me strengh
When all lights are out
You’re the rain that washes away my fears
When despair burns my mind
For you I’d give my life
Just to spend some time with you
How can’t I fall in love
After reading your words
Your words are truth
Please bring me closer
I need you my love
I’m yours
My beloved

A lost audience

Here we go again, a second collaboration with the brainstorming Uzma. She has an awesome creative mind. Please stop by her blog and share a comment.

Can you guess who’s parts are these?

Rain drops sliding on my face
Warm tears blinding my eyes
Can’t hide the pain anymore
A trust shattered in pieces
My heart was ripped last night
When I saw you with her
I ran away as if I was fleeing
Fleeing from my thoughts
Fleeing from the truth I’ve seen
My heart was pounding so hard
That I thought I would die
Die of shame and disappointment
Can hold anymore to this life
The rain keeps washing my fears
And my tears still blurring my hate

And then I saw the smile on your face,

That bright, shiny sparkle in your eye,

You felt so real, so complete, so confident.

As I looked back, I realised..

That is not how I knew you..

I loved you for I felt you needed me,

To make you laugh, to take away your worries.

Yet in my selfish love I forgot,

That was I who needed you,

You needed someone else,

Someone not perfect in the worldly eye,

Someone who couldn’t walk or talk,

To support or entertain you,

To share some jokes, to tell you story,

To sing you a song.

And there you are,

Singing, laughing, dancing away,

To muse and entertain.

Perhaps you and I are both clowns,

For a different audience,

For another play…

I wiped my tears to hush my fears,

To let sleep my shame,

To gather all my broken parts,

For another show, another part

Another time, another puzzle,

The life throws my way.

Poetry #128

I want to hear your voice again
I want to feel your heartbeat
I want to hold your mighty hand
I want to hug you and never let go
I want you to be mine forever
I want to know that I am too
I want you to be real as I am
But you’re just fantasy
Unreachable among stars

Poetry #126 – Coat of Rememberance (collaboration )

Today I’d like to present you a collaboration with my dear Mel. She’s an brilliant writer and poet. She’s very sentimental, and has a large imagination. Do read her poetry and short stories if you’re a fan of fiction.

A long fluffy coat
Keeps you warm
In those hard cold
Winters away from home

A long fluffy coat
Embraces you softly
So you won’t forget me
When lonely hits you hard

A long fluffy coat
For which we hunted
In those hot days
Of remembrance

A long fluffy coat
Tenderly soothing your skin
Like my love’s warmth
When you used to call me yours

A long fluffy coat
Which I smell every time
I go to the wardrobe
And keep thinking of you

A long fluffy coat
Serving as my shelter
Reminder of your arms
That once kept me safe

A long fluffy coat
Where I shed my tears
As I long for your return
But hardly I can believe

A long fluffy coat
That we used to share
Our love was that strong
We only needed one

A long fluffy coat
That was once your joy
And you wore it with pride
What made you change?

A long fluffy coat
Alone without you
You were the light
You made it function

A long fluffy coat

That brought us
Memories and warmth

Till the day we parted
A long fluffy coat
Hangs lonesome and cold
No longer shared
No longer mine