I thought it was a normal morning when I woke up. I was lying in a bed by a window. The birds were chirping on the trees, the sun was shining and my day was going to start peacefully when I noticed that I wasn’t in my bed but in a hospital one. What was I doing in a hospital?
I’ve tried to remember what happened last night, but my memory was vague.
I remember that I was at a party, celebrating a birthday…. whose birthday? There were many people, mostly young ones, I was holding a cake with lots of candles on top and was bringing it to someone…..The moon was shining bright and I was walking with someone on a small wooden path away from the party as if we were looking for a private space to be. The person was laughing with me, or was it at me?
There was a scream….. Did I scream? And then there was a fight. I remember grabbing my hair with both hands. The person next to me was….. what? I couldn’t remember what happened, and it was frustrating.
I had to call a nurse and ask her. I pressed the button next to me and a few seconds later she appeared.

– Good morning Miss Spencer, how are you feeling today?
– I’m ok I guess. It’s just… what happened?
– Oh! nothing much, for now you need to eat something and rest a bit more.
– No! I need to know, why am I at a hospital?
– …..You fell, she answered hesitantly
– I fell? from where?
– Look, everything is fine. We’ll talk about it in a few minutes.

She didn’t leave me the chance to ask more questions, she left closing the door behind her.
I remained alone for a while, my clothes were hanging in the wardrobe, I had a few pills by my bed with a glass of water and I was wearing a hospital shirt.
Was I free to leave the hospital? Did I witness a crime?
The door opened suddenly and the nurse came in with a tray. I wasn’t hungry, I didn’t want breakfast.

– Ma’am I’m not hungry, I prefer to go now.
– Soon but for now, you must eat. I’ll call the doctor.
I didn’t have much choice, did I? After a few minutes the doctor came in with two other people who didn’t look very medical. A white and a black guy in suit. Something was going in on.
– Hi Miss Spencer, I’m Dr Marvey I will need to do a quick check up and then you’ll be free to go. But first the Police would like a word with you. I’ll be just outside.
With that he left me.with the two guys.
– Hi Ma’am, I’m Officer Roy and this is Officer Chuck, we’re from the criminal department, we’d like to ask you a few questions about what happened last night.
– Why what happened?
– We’d like you to tell us.
– I don’t know. Everything is blurry
– What can you remember?
– Unfortunately not much. I know that I was at a party and then there was a fight and some screams!
– That’s it?
– Yeah, I’m sorry.
– We suspect a kidnapping and we need as much information as you can give us.
– A kidnapping ? Who was kidnapped ?
– A man called Johnny Riff. We’ve heard that you were the last person to have seen him.

I looked at the picture I was given. So that was the person I was with last night? His face was familiar but all was too vague.

– Johnny? I don’t remember much. We were walking away from the party and then it seems that there was a fight, and I remember that I was holding my hair as if someone was holding me by it…. nothing else.
– Miss Spencer, do you remember anything strange?

Strange? why would there be anything strange? I didn’t ….. A pair of big dark eyes. A grey skin cold as ice. Johny screaming while being taken…..I looked at the Officers

– Ma’am? you’re white as a sheet!
– I think there were people wearing masks, Alien masks, Johnny was screaming but they’ve taken him.
– Ma’am can you describe them?
– No, no, it was dark, I saw two big black eyes, then there was this arm who was pulling me by my hair, it was cold and grey. I think…..he was taking me somewhere.
– Ma’am, we found you hidden between some bush a mile from the party, please try to remember.

I was hiding, behind bushes obviously from the kidnappers. How did I manage to get there? Was I alone? A cold hand gripping my hair. I tried to get my hair loose. Another hand as ice gripping my arm and pulling me through the forest. Trying to get free from my aggressor, I picked a stone blindly and hit hard on the hand who let me loose instantly. I was running tripping over twigs and dead trees. I couldn’t run anymore, I had to hide. I saw bushes, lots of them….. I threw myself to the floor among them and kept waiting. I saw something running toward me, it had a strange shape. A big head, 2 big black eyes, it walked like a man but…. it wasn’t one, It was awful . Difficult to describe.

– They weren’t people. I know it sounds weird but they weren’t. When I hid behind the bushes, one of them came close, searching for me, he made this strange loud yelling noise! Probably a call or something. A few seconds later, a bright light appeared just over him and he…. disappeared instantly.

The two officers looked at me as if I was insane and making up the story.

– Miss Spencer, were you awake when that happened.
– Yes sir, I was. And I’m telling the truth! I don’t know what happened to Johnny but I know that they weren’t humans! I saw this being disappear into thin air as soon as the light appeared. I couldn’t see what was up there , but I’m sure they were Aliens.
– Maybe it was the fear or ….
– No sir! I didn’t imagine.
– Alright. Thank you. If we need further information, we’ll be in touch.

I thought that I was finally free to go, but I didn’t know that this was just the beginning.