What about … #51

Section 1

Who haven’t seen a blue screen of death or a freezing computer or a corrupt update which blocks the normal startup? If you’re reading this, it means that you know what I’m talking about and you know it sucks. Well there are a few measures that you might take, that will help you to stop freaking out when that happens and it’s easy as 1 2 3.

I had a laptop which needed attention almost once a week, so I frequently used one of these methods to cross over the problem.

1/ Comodo Time Machine

According to me, this is the best solution due to the fact that it’s easy, quick and free. You’ve probably used windows system restore in your life, so you know how it works, but this one is much much better because you can access it when there is trouble and you can’t see your desktop. After you push “Power” to start your computer, the Comodo logo appears for a few seconds to give you the opportunity to access it if you need it, and restore your computer to a previous restore point created by Comodo. About 7 minutes.

2/Macrium Reflect / Aomei OneKey Recovery

Both work the same way but have different options. The idea is to make an image of your current drive (usually C:/) so that you can restore it when needed. It’s different from the system restore point. This method is to duplicate your drive entirely with everything in it (Read section 2 for details) and restore it exactly the same way, while the system restore point use only the windows system files. So when you install one of these two applications you’ll need to create an image so that you may restore it later. There will be a few easy options to tick and that’s it. To restore the image you need to have the software either in a CD or in a USB key called “Rescue CD”, it’s not complicated, there will be everything explained in their website or in the program (such as: https://reflect.macrium.com/webhelp/starting_with_the_rescue_cd.asp) It’s very easy to use, when you push “Power” to start your computer, you have to press a key usually F2 or an external button (it depends of your laptop) to start by the BIOS, to change the boot drive from C:/ to the external drive you will be using (CD or USB). And with that your computer will restart by the new drive you have selected let’s say a USB key (where you have stored Aomei or Macrium), then you’ll follow the steps to restore the image in C:/ and that’s it, just don’t forget when it’s done to change in the BIOS the loading drive (from the external drive to C:/). It’s easier done than said actually and it’s not complicated at all. You don’t have to wait for your son or your husband or your friend to help you solve the problem, you can do it yourself!

You don’t have to pay if you don’t want to, for example Macrium Reflect has a free version, it does the same job but with less options that’s all. It takes between 15 minutes to 8 hours (read section 2 to know why)

Now speaking about time: If you don’t use one of these methods, you’ll probably need to install Windows again to solve the problem and that might take time if you’re not accustomed with that sort of process. It might take between 30 minutes to 8 hours (if you have to call someone to help you for example).

These three applications are the quickest to solve any computer issue.

Section 2

I’ve spoken a lot about this section because it’s really important before you create any Image. Creating an Image is duplicating everything you have in a drive (C:/, D:/, E:/, etc…)

Some people have only one drive in their computer, which is a BIG mistake, because if anything happens to their computer they will lose EVERYTHING they have. You MUST have at least 2 drives in your computer. I didn’t say 2 hard drives. I mean, you have to divide your hard drive into 2 partitions (there are plenty of utilities which do that for free, even Windows does it) so that if something happens, your data will always be safe in the second partition. I you’re using an Image application you need to have 2 or more partitions so that it won’t take long to create or to restore an Image. It will take 10-20 minutes to restore and you may continue your job or your hobby as nothing happened.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.