What about… #13

What exactly is our ‘self‘?

This is a question which has been asked for millennia, many answers have been proposed but didn’t seem to satisfy the one who inquires. I’ve written two posts about it; Do we own a spirit and Is consciousness material or immaterial? If that isn’t enough, I’ll try my best to convince you about what I believe.

Every living creature has its outer shell and inner self; may this be a fly, a mosquito, a horse, a bunny or a human being. God gave us our inner self to help us, to guide us and to be a witness against our outer shell which is our body and brain. We are all made of two selves, either being aware of it or not.

The inner self is our conscious or soul if you’re a believer. No one hears that self, no one can witness it except the One who created it and our outer self. What we choose to show on the ouside is what others know us by. What the others define us to be; good, careful, cheap, cruel… we have chosen a character that suits us but not necessarily who we really are. But when we are alone and we don’t need to play the character anymore, we let our inner self take control.

Every human being is alike, it is a lie if someone tells you that it’s not true. We can’t let our conscious/soul be seen by anyone, it is as private as our own sins. Some people prefer to hide their tender heart showing only rudeness, being sure that they don’t care about “who ever it may be”, but as soon as he is alone he let his tears flow and anonymously he helps the person in need.

Our brain makes the decisions, works, speaks, thinks, makes us live our character… but our soul is the one who brings us back to the reality of this life when our brain stops to control us with the daily chores.

Some people say that they are searching for happiness, they will find it only when their soul/consciousness will be at ease. It is their own souls that are not happy, for some reason they’re not living what they are meant to live.

We will be what we were meant to be, when we’ll find happiness in our daily lives.

Featured: Reality of Life / Title: Happiness

Hi guy’s Assalam o alaikum..Hope so you all are fine..Small piece of advice from me to all of you😊..
We all want happiness in our life but we rarely spent time on our religion and in improving our relation with our Lord..
When we repair our relationship with our Lord He repairs everything else for us..Today the soul is under us tomorrow the soul May be over us..So turn to Allah Almighty before you return to Allah Almighty ❤
JazakAllah khair ..


Featured: Shreya Jindal / Title: Happy life – a myth

This was something Novus stated clearly. Are you amazed reading the heading?
Well! I had gone nuts after reading it. It seems something really bold and I couldn’t bear it.
I had to tell myself, a hundred times that if we try to find happiness we will surely cherish it. And then, I went somewhat normal.
Though I know, happiness is something not for me but I am as mad as anything, that I still keep on searching for it, in every little thing. But I guess, that’s what life is.
I kept on repeating this line again and again- “happy life is a myth and as we grow up we realise that it’s the truth.”
It just got struck up my mind and can never get out now. It is painful but at the same time makes us realise what life is.
How does it even feel when you are happy? I mean I have never experienced it so just asking.