Flash Fiction

A girl was running in the woods, the leaves cracking under her feet, some twigs wounded her but she didn’t mind the pain, time was short. She halted for a minute to catch her breath. The sun was disappearing behind the trees, in a few minutes the sun will be gone and so will she if she wasn’t fast enough to find the shack . But everywhere she could only see trees. “When darkness falls, you will fall too” he said laughing at her. Despair was invading her, but her faith was strong, “God will help me, I will survive”

Poetry #54 – A Ballad

Hello friends, this is a tag created by Aquib, I would like to thank him for thinking about me.

What’s a ballad ?

poem or song narrating a story in short stanzas. Traditional ballads are typically of unknown authorship, having been passed on orally from one generation to the next.
I would like to nominate few of the bloggers that I know of and fond of.

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Rules :
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Once upon a time, A bear cub was born
Life wasn’t easy, he knew nothing at all
But the cub was well fed and warm
Happily as he can be, from winter to fall

His parents and him were on the move
The cub learned new things everyday
From food to life, there was lots to say
His parents were brilliant but silly
They didn’t want to settle, which was folly

So the bear cub remained alone
Year after year, the cub grew up
Soon his fears and sadness pent up
His Happiness has come to naught
He learned what he was taught

Still he was alone, he wasn’t whole
He had dreams, he told his soul
He wanted new things other than sceneries
He wanted to have a home, not worries

His parents were often happy
even though they were getting old
it was harder to find honey
As if it was gold

They were becoming skinnier
And the young growing cub even more
Hope was becoming thinner
But they couldn’t do much but ignore
As they didn’t know what to do

The little grown up bear
Is still as he was when he was a cub
He never caught a fish nor a lair
He doesn’t have a life, it’s not fair
He’s often stressed with despair
He tries to forget and live like a bear

He’s very often depreciate
Whatever he does he feels alienate
Why leaving in a world so deceiving
While he could be happy dreaming

He still wanders in his dark forest
Surrounded by unknown possibilities
Till the day he will take his rest
When the time comes for certainties


Mel Gutiér
Lost Soul
Fiery Song
shreya jindal

Poetry #44

As i walked into a forest
where woods tagngled with each other
the sent of green filled my lungs
the faint noise of crackling wood
Stole my soul burying it deep
Somewhere I knew not
I lost myself in this world
Where souls meet and touch
far in a realm of an ancient time
I cannot reach it with my body
I cannot see it with my eyes
But i can feel it in my heart
That my soul is happy and at peace
Away from me, away from life
These woods hold secrets
never revealed to any human
But i need my soul
To be whole
Where should I search
For this deep entrance
To reach the realm of the unknown
hard it is for the light
To cross the shadows
Of these heavy branches
I can’t see much but i hear
A whisper calling me
Leaves cracking under my feet
Led me to an abyss
What is this world
Should I let myself fall
For the sake of a soul
Where am i going
In the deepth of a forest
Into the abyss