Poetry #35

A wounded soul

Is hard to Heal

It takes too much

To find healing 

But when it is found

It is easy to mend
Life can be hard

Heavy to carry

but our existence

Isn’t a heaven

It is an experiment

we take whatever 

we’re being given

Experiences are what make us who we are. We think and believe what we’ve been taught by what we went through. Our pain comes from anguish or loss that we’ve faced or endured, while joy and happiness come from good feelings that we’ve gathered from an unknown experience. Feelings can change according to the situation and environment. One day we love, one day we hate. One day to remember, one day to forget. Sometimes we’re sad, sometimes we’re overjoyed. The human being isn’t human if it has no feelings. 

But one day we stop having feelings our own loved ones. It is the sad nature of life and death. It feels good to expel our thoughts , and that’s why we write them down, but at the end they keep coming back ’cause it is not the key for us.

We don’t need to shut ourselves for the sake of an unreachable dream. We must let go.

Poetry #30

A light enlightned my world

Where dark thoughts roamed

Now I feel love Where I once

Felt ashamed and hurt

This light came from afar

A place I never knew

But exists inside and beyond

My soul often reach it

When darkness and light meet

At dawn and at sunrise when a seat


This is for a friend

Poetry #22

Dark thoughts hidden in my mind 

At times I fell death just behind

My heart beats a thousand times

More than I can write in rimes

Tears spring to my eyes

All I want is to scream 

and cry for all the lies

following me as in a dream
These feelings of despair

hurting me and destroying 

Hopes and joys

Where the word begone

Doesn’t exist 

in my daily life
Just a deep heartbeat 

That will cease one day

Taking me where I belong

either in Bliss or in Hell 
Your soul and mine are joined.

Though our differences

we are loved

We share the same passion 

The same scars

Which might fade

When wounds heal