Poetry #93 (collaboration with Aquib)

Another collaboration with brother Aquib

I hope that you’ll enjoy it as much as I did

Mirrors all around ,
Each reflecting our rays.
Forming obscure images,
Some brightened
some promiscuous.
But alas , not real .

My images doesnt reflect me,
I never meant to be this,
Apparently it looks appealing,
Alas, I am hollow and inverted.

Living with these
Parallax images.
Pradoxal and looming.
Occulted from the elixirs.
Sucking callow life.

Can we see our face and our soul
When filled with anger we push
Our energy into someone else mind
Can we see our deeds and our will
When we reject the one in need
For the sake of our precious time
Do we look at the mirror and see
Our actions as noble and pure
Do we see our faults where
Our deeds could have been better
Does the mirror of truth appear
In our final moments
Can we take a glimpse of the unknown
And behold what our hands have done
Take a leap and change our fate into
The magical realm of heaven
Mirror, mirror on the wall
What should I do to see it all?

Where are these real
absolute plane mirrors?
Alas there aren’t any.
There are none ,there are none.