Poetry #123

As the dawn appears
And the stars stop shinning
The sun begins its journey
Across the sky to reach its fate
We are as flowers rejoicing
That everyday is a new start
that keep us form losing
Oursleves in the blackness
Of the universe as stardust
Often do, being just a myriad
Of lights reflecting the darkness
Of space in a way no other can

Poetry #100

A gentle fresh breeze
Swarming on the sea
Forming small ripples
On the water’s surface

This air lift a pleasant smell
an odor of grass and shrubs
Exalting the dawn by all its beauty
A sense of hope and love
spreads to reach its limits
Embracing all living things
With the power of initiation

An energy that flows
like a river
where no twigs or rocks
Can stop its course
To a new beginning
where anything
Can happen