Poetry #144 – Gloomy Aura (collaboration with Shreya Jindal)

They told me that I shouldn’t be here.
For I had flaws.
They didn’t have any, flawless they were, perhaps?

They bit me hard ’cause I was to be puppet.
For they thought themselves to be messengers of God,
And that God assigned them my life.
They left me no chance to defend myself

They bullied me for being smaller.
We need to have as masculine build up to be stronger, was what they believed in.
And so they mistook me to be a mere burden.

They threatened me just for the sake of pleasure.
Unaware of the God- soul hidden behind this crying face.

They thought that I was frail and stupid
Just because I ignored their nonsense and kept quite.
But they say that empty vessels make noise.
I was one with ample knowledge and power to ignore, perhaps.
They thought that I couldn’t keep on going
They thought that I would cry for mercy

But They didn’t know that I have a power
A power to free myself from their mischief
I don’t need to revenge to be stronger
I don’t need be taller to be more powerful
I don’t need to kick butts to be feared