Johnny English strikes again

I’ve seen this movie perhaps four times since it was released. I must say that I’ve cried all the times I saw it!
It seems to me that this movie is a remake of the first one (2003) But much much better! Both movies speak about a bad guy who wants absolute power, and Johnny must do the impossible to stop him with the help of another secret agent. I loved the first one, it was original and funny but this one, is HILLARIOUS without comparison.
The plot is: MI7 is being targeted by a massive cyber attack from an unknown entity, exposing the identities of all its current field agents. As a result, MI7 is forced to reinstate older inactive agents in order to track down the culprits behind the attack.
Rowan Atkinson known for his funny series Mr Bean, is the funniest man (in my opinion) after Jackie Chan. Who wouldn’t laugh seeing one of his movies? There is this scene where he puts on the virtual reality headset and he thinks he’s still inside the room while he’s on the streets of London! Oh my God, it is a MUST see.

So if you love action comedy movies, this is the one not to miss.