Poetry #1

The sun is shining

Through a blasted opening

Turning darkness into light.

Mother lost a father and a husband.

Child and wife

Have only each other

In this painful life
Here, nothing is left of our past

Each day might turn out to be our last.
When I go out, mother’s kisses

Make me wonder 

If I’ll see her again.

I miss our old life, my toys,

My friends, my family, my joys.

I’m just a child, 

but I’ve seen dreadful things

Which will haunt me for life.

I wish we had wings

To flee our sweet home town 

which is torn by strife.

No more music, no more theatre

No more laughter, just Death.

I may not be sleeping in my bed tonight

I may not eat with my mother by candle light
I may cease to exist

In the midst of dark mist.
This poem has been enhanced by a good friend Uncertaintyweb. Please pay here a visit she’s a great poet.