What about … #3

Some people seem to be “cataclysm hunters” they follow whatever they think is catastrophic such as tornadoes, hurricanes, volcanoes, earthquakes, I believe that they just want to make themselves heroes. Or there is a second kind of “cataclysm hunters”, which are eager to find out what kind of END is awaiting us, such as those who are looking for a threatening asteroid or those who are counting the days before the Yellowstone explodes or those who are wating for the Big One!

That’s interesting for sure, but seriously, who is brave enough to live either of these? But evidently the end will come somehow.

So this book is a theory according to the Holy Scriptures, which are more trustful than a simple imagination. So let’s investigate reading this book.

What about … #2

Apocalyptic book by Jules Verne ?

Well…  Yes!

Have you ever heard of a book called Edom? Probably not. We usually know him by:

Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea/Around the World in Eighty Days /The Mysterious Island/ From the Earth to the Moon / Round the Moon… 

But having read all his work,  I found this Edom being quite interesting, not by the fact that it is true, but because it is plausible and it could happen, couldn’t?

After all, being true or not, some say that a portion of California might sink into the ocean one day (caused by San andreas fault I think).

If you’d like to read it you might find it under the name of  The Eternal Adam or Edom.