Bad times at El Royale

I’ve just seen “bad times at the royale” it’s a movie about seven strangers getting into a motel The El Royale which sits on the border between California and Nevada. Soon it becomes battleground when these seven strangers converge on a night where nothing was to go wrong.

It is categorised as: crime, drama and mystery

In my opinion it is the best movie I’ve seen recently due to the actor’s performance. They are absolutely brilliant! Their fear, their sadness, their lack of trust… They played their roles as if they were really living the story!

The movie is made by 7 actors in the same motel, it is rather difficult to have a whole story made in one place, yet it is done in an awesome way. As the movie goes, you start having a favourite character, one that you pity and one that you hate.

My favourite is the Afro-American character which plays the role of a soul singer (which she is in fact in the real life). The character has problems in her life, she always look so sad. But her voice is….. a marvel! God! She gave me goosebumps when she sang.

I pity the receptionist, (he’s a damn good actor!) even though we’ll get to know who he really is at the end of the movie, not spoiling the end! You must see it by yourself.

And finally I hated the unexpected guest arriving at the end too. He played soooo well his role to the point that I really hated him. He’s a brute!

The others are: an FBI agent which won’t be in the movie for long (poor guy)
A young woman who kidnapped her sister, for some reasons.
A fake priest, who is losing his memory little by little.
And finally the kidnapped sister which isn’t innocent as she looks like.

If you don’t mind seeing some blood, this movie is a must see! And it makes you ponder on how evil and pervert the human being can be.

I rate it 5 stars.

What about… #56

Did you ever say to yourself something along this lines: “Wow I’m glad that I’ve done this a few days ago. Now it’s ready to be shown” or “What a strange thing. it seems that all of this has been planed to get at this exact point” or even “well…. I’m at the right place at the good moment”. 

I’ve always believed in Destiny; we acquire goods and live a life that has been meant for us. In fact we’re not able to achieve anything unless it was destined for us to achieve it (I know that lots of you don’t believe that, ’cause everyone is free to do whatever he/she wills). Yet I don’t pay attention to it.

Lately I’ve noticed something which  made me see life with different eyes. I’ve been seeing events unfolding on purpose rather than appearing by random.  

As I said earlier, I believe in Destiny but never understood how it worked. This past week I’ve noticed that some events had their own purpose in the minutes or days they came. 

I’ve remembered those events and told myself “Strange ! If that hasn’t happened, I wouldn’t have had the solution now”. 

I’m more than sure now, that things happen for a reason. We might not be satisfied  by some events, but they have an important impact upon our lives. They are meant to be there, to happen. Or we may be happy by certain things that happened so unexpectedly, well…. there is a reason too, either for you or for someone you don’t even know. We’re all connected yet so unrelated. 

Life is a mystery and a game which has many possibilities on how to see it and play it. 

According to me, there is one story, we’re the actors playing our part to keep this story going. We share our scripts with the living things around us. We have an impact upon everything and everyone we encounter. We’re united under the same fate, but we’re headless enough to be indifferent.