Poetry #44

As i walked into a forest
where woods tagngled with each other
the sent of green filled my lungs
the faint noise of crackling wood
Stole my soul burying it deep
Somewhere I knew not
I lost myself in this world
Where souls meet and touch
far in a realm of an ancient time
I cannot reach it with my body
I cannot see it with my eyes
But i can feel it in my heart
That my soul is happy and at peace
Away from me, away from life
These woods hold secrets
never revealed to any human
But i need my soul
To be whole
Where should I search
For this deep entrance
To reach the realm of the unknown
hard it is for the light
To cross the shadows
Of these heavy branches
I can’t see much but i hear
A whisper calling me
Leaves cracking under my feet
Led me to an abyss
What is this world
Should I let myself fall
For the sake of a soul
Where am i going
In the deepth of a forest
Into the abyss