Poetry #7

How can a cat and a rat

jumping from hat to hat

turning them all flat

be so fat?




all they do is fighting 

that’s what they do for living.

In winter 

while the cat sleeps

the rat rejoys and sings

they’re both happy 

as long as they don’t meet.

The cat is snappy

while the rat is jumpy,

As the story never ends

the tales become legends.

Poetry #6

Stars running in the void

unleash a tremendous feeling 

that we cannot avoid,

clouds of gas and dust melting

into the black of darkness.

By diverse temperature they leave their mark

where they once lived is now emptiness 

just their memories remain to spark.

Fine measurements are required 

for life to exist and be admired,

while other planets are dead as stones

this one is filled with water and air,

with which tiny drops are the keystones

creating living plants per pair.

While greedy predators enjoy all the work for free,

life is sustained by a power capable to see

which pitiful being believes that everything comes out of the blue

without law nor order, which is not true.

Inspiring #4

Be brave enough to say No

Be good enough to say Yes

Be humble enough to say It’s Nothing

Be generous enough to say It’s Yours Now

Be proud enough to say It’s mine

Be smart enough to say Not Me

Be gentle enough to say I’m Sorry

Be wise enough to say I am What I Am

Be realistic enough to say I’m Not Eternal

Be what you’re meant to Be