The name Ulverston, is derived from the Old English Wulfhere and tūn, which can be translated as “wolf warrior” or “wolf army” village.

Over the years the town has been the birthplace of several famous people among which:
Sir John Barrow, which was the Admiralty’s Second Secretary, a monument to him stands on Hoad Hill overlooking the town.
And the comedian Stan Laurel, of Laurel and Hardy fame.
There is the Laurel & Hardy Museum in town, and in 2009 a statue of the duo was unveiled by comedian Ken Dodd, outside Coronation Hall in the town centre.

Needed a loo

I’ve been waking in Avenue Montaigne near Les Champs Élysées.

It is the street for the High standard shops such as Prada, Valentino, Dior, Armani….. In this time of year, it doesn’t look like there are lots of customers. Most of them were waiting by the door to see if there were anyone interested in their products. I surely wasn’t!! Unless it was for free, even then, I’m not sure I would have wanted to wear that weird long dress that looked like a tiger skin or that horrible looking jeans jacket! 😲

Most cars were Mercedes, Audi or even Jaguar.

There is a 5 stars hotel, and two 3 star hotels (as far as I could see) as I needed to use the bathroom, I’ve chosen the 5 star hotel. I’m used to use this kind of facilities when available because it’s easier to get in without too much fuss. Here are some pics of the bathroom.

Nothing special. So if you ever need to use the loo, you’d better choose a top class hotel rather than a fast food

A special Christmas

The wind was howling, the snow was still falling after last night’s blizzard.
A little cottage was almost buried under a pile of snow. Smoke was coming out of its chimney. Inside, an old man was seated in a rocking chair with a little boy on his laps. The child was almost asleep. He was spending his seventh christmas with his beloved uncle. He loved his uncle’s stories, they were adventurous and magical.
– Uncle Sid, tell me one more time the story of you and dad when you were in Paris.
– Ohhhhhh! Shouldn’t you be in bed now?
– Noooooo. Please let me hear it again, then I’ll go to sleep.
– Alright! promise?
– Promised, said the boy with a huge smile.
Uncle Sid gathered his thoughts and started the tale one more time:

It was a long long time ago. We were barley adults back then. We left our home to see the world and have new stories to tell. We’ve crossed deserts and seas, we’ve fought dragons and vicious men. We spent days without seeing any food and days having our pockets full of nuts and cakes. Oh little one…. you don’t know the hardship we’ve been through. Finally in a winter day, we arrived in Paris on a snowy morning. There were lots of carriages, women in long skirts, women in very short dresses selling their bodies for a few coins, stools selling only bread and cakes, drunken men sleeping in taverns till they were kicked out, priests in long dark robes walking up and down the streets…. all kind of stuff that we weren’t used to see during our journey. Your dad was so happy to find himself in a such big town but it was very cold for us, we didn’t have any warm clothes.
– Oh Sid! We’re so lucky to have come this far.
– Let me tell ya, I’m sure that this is the city is going to be called “the city of lights” one day.
We spent the day walking and looking around. We haven’t eaten anything all day as we didn’t have any money left. Our stomach were aching, we’ve seen kids stealing stoles but none of us was expert in stealing. We knew too well the we would have been caught if we tried. So we’ve kept on walking to forget our hunger and to keep warm. At night the temperature dropped a lot, and we were freezing.
-Damn! I wish we were smarter not to come in winter, I said.
The moon shone its pale light on the snowy path, we could only hear the noise of our footsteps and occasionally some laughter in the homes we passed by. It must have been after midnight, we couldn’t keep on walking. We arrived at a bridge. I told your dad that we could as well spend the night under the bridge. He agreed. We lied there back. to back, on the cold stone, without a blanket, without a coat, nothing just the warmth of our back. We were freezing. In the middle of the night I woke up with the tingling of small bells. I opened my eyes to see 6 dears in front of me and a red carriage. A man stepped down of it, he wore a red coat and pants, with black leather boots, a red hat and a white beard. He seemed to come from another time.
– Ho ho ho, hello my dear friends, why are you sleeping under a bridge on this fine Christmas night?
– We came from far, we didn’t find any place to sleep nor any food, your father replied.
– Well…. I’m am your good luck, come with me, He said stepping into the carriage.
We’ve stepped into the carriage with him, and that’s when the really weird thing happened. He said “Ho” and the dears jumped into the air! Yes child, we were flying above Paris in a matter of seconds. Those dears were magical. Your father and I were laughing like crazy. This red clothed man made us see all the city from above. It was beautiful! La Seine… la Tour Eiffel…. we could see the houses so small bellow us. It’s a night we’ll never forget! After a few minutes, the dears landed by a big church where was a decorated fir tree.
– Ok folks, this is the church of Notre Dame, here you’ll find shelter and food. Just knock on that door and it shall be opened. But before we part, take these.
Out of the back of his carriage he took out two packages. One for me and one for your father.
Just after that, he said “Ho” and flew into the sky again. We never saw him again.
We opened the packages, we found for each of us a long warm coat which has kept us warm in those cold winter nights for a very long time.

We knocked at the door the red clothed man showed us. After a while, someone answered behind the door.
– Who is it?
– We’re travelers, we need shelter and food for the night. We don’t want any trouble.
The door opened a little, we saw a short priest in his nightwear. He looked at both of us then opened the door for us to go in.
– Come in, come in. Go heat yourself by the fire, I’ll make you something to eat.
And that’s how we found ourselves in a warm, cozy presbytery were we spent a lovely night in a bed after having filled our bellies. The End”

The little child was already asleep, on his laps. Uncle Sid smiled at him “sweet dreams little one and Merry Christmas”

See Paris and its fight for the latest pics and news.

Paris and its fight

Paris has a long History which I’m not going to speak about here. I’ve been to Paris today for 3h. I ran like the wind between a monument to the other. Most of the Pics were taken will driving so I’m sorry if some are a little blurry. The only thing I’m sad about is not having seen Le Louvre on foot. I’ve seen it only on the outside.

Since two weeks now, there is a mass demonstration against the President. For the increase of taxes and petrol price. Saturday has been the worst. Shops have been stolen, windows have been broken, cars burned, people wounded…..

Sunday I’ve found the remains of the fight, you’ll find here some pics about it.

Some pics of the city:

The Pantheon, one of the most precious and touristic attractions of Paris. Here lies the most important people of France such as Victor Hugo, Voltaire, Simone Veil, Pierre & Marie Curie….. You’ll find some pics here, the rest is on Instagram or even a video on YTube http://youtu.be/ylapT1kdTrA