Trick and treats

This is a collaboration with the lovely Uzma who has a great imagination! Thank you for writing this story with me.

I wish that you all check her blog out.

Plus, our collaboration is still going. We’ve got future posts to schedule, God willing. 😉

“Trick and treats!! “
“oh hello my lovely children, let’s see who we have here! A Princess and a vampire, I guess you’re after candies, aren’t you?”
“yes ma’am!”
“Here, grab anything you can”
“thank you”
“you’re welcome and have fun”
The 2 little children stepped away from the house toward the next one
“I guess we have enough candies” said Jane
“You don’t want some more?” asked Billy
“No I’m tired, I wanna go home”
They’ve been knocking on doors for more than an hour and a half. Their bags were heavy and the full moon was shining upon them. Their house was at the other end of town, they knew that they had almost twenty minutes walk to get there and the candies were just on their bags.
“Can we start eating them now?” asked Jane
“Mom said not to stop on the way back”
“We don’t have to stop, we can eat whatever comes out of the bag”
“I suppose so….” said Billy looking at his own bag
But eating candies slowed down their pace. It was late, the stores were closing, the people little by little disappeared in their homes. They still weren’t home.
“Billy, I’m so tired. Why aren’t we home yet?”
“We’re not too far, we just left the town center”
The moonlight shone on their path, only the sound of their steps could be heard. The houses were dark, there was no lights in their windows and no sound either.
” Billy, why is it too quiet?”
“I don’t know Jane, we’ll ask mom” Billy didn’t like the sound of it, he knew that something was not right. They were just twenty minutes walk from home, yet it seems that it was almost midnight.
Arriving, they’ve stopped in front of their house. There were no lights in the house.
“I think we remained more than we should have. Mom probably went out to look for us” said Billy
“What about supper?”
“I don’t know. Stay close Jane, we don’t know what’s happening”
They went in. Everything was in place, the clock was striking midnight.
“Midnight?” asked Jane
“Come Jane, let’s check mom’s room “
Quietly they went up the stairs and silently went in their mother’s room. There was no-one. The bed was made, and there wasn’t any trace that someone was there.
“Mom is not here!” said Billy
“I’m going to sleep here, so that she’ll find me when she returns”
“No Jane! She couldn’t have left the house. If she wanted to look for us, she would have done so earlier. This house is ours, but there is something different about it. Let’s check the rest of the house”
The house did look somewhat different. There was a creepy, strange and ominous feel to it. It’s darkness and slithery silence gave them goosebumps. That feeling when the children are calling out their mom and not getting a reply is eerie in itself.
Jane tried to turn the lights on but they flickered and fused. Inside the sweeping full moonlight, Billy could see spider webs that he had never noticed before.
’why is our voice echoing, when the house is not empty, ’ Jane asked with a fear strike.
Before Billy could mutter a word they heard flapping of wings of bats that got perturbed by their movement and sound.
Jane saw an image of a beast, like a dragon hung in the air like a transparent screen.
’welcome back home my children’, they heard a familiar voice of their mother, only that it was queerer this time.
Jane and Billy both tried to focus on the image that dissolved into a hideous one yet again.
’Welcome to the real you, beginning of a new world of magical possibilities, oh how I waited for this day to disclose our secrets of special sinister powers’. The freaking image babbled.
Jane and Billy looked at each other, shocked, terrified and drenched. They shouted and screamed but then that was ’normal’ on that day for the outside world.
They stood silently for a moment when they heard the voice again, ’so! What do you say? Trick or Treat?’
’trick’, they both replied at the same time.

A special Christmas

The wind was howling, the snow was still falling after last night’s blizzard.
A little cottage was almost buried under a pile of snow. Smoke was coming out of its chimney. Inside, an old man was seated in a rocking chair with a little boy on his laps. The child was almost asleep. He was spending his seventh christmas with his beloved uncle. He loved his uncle’s stories, they were adventurous and magical.
– Uncle Sid, tell me one more time the story of you and dad when you were in Paris.
– Ohhhhhh! Shouldn’t you be in bed now?
– Noooooo. Please let me hear it again, then I’ll go to sleep.
– Alright! promise?
– Promised, said the boy with a huge smile.
Uncle Sid gathered his thoughts and started the tale one more time:

It was a long long time ago. We were barley adults back then. We left our home to see the world and have new stories to tell. We’ve crossed deserts and seas, we’ve fought dragons and vicious men. We spent days without seeing any food and days having our pockets full of nuts and cakes. Oh little one…. you don’t know the hardship we’ve been through. Finally in a winter day, we arrived in Paris on a snowy morning. There were lots of carriages, women in long skirts, women in very short dresses selling their bodies for a few coins, stools selling only bread and cakes, drunken men sleeping in taverns till they were kicked out, priests in long dark robes walking up and down the streets…. all kind of stuff that we weren’t used to see during our journey. Your dad was so happy to find himself in a such big town but it was very cold for us, we didn’t have any warm clothes.
– Oh Sid! We’re so lucky to have come this far.
– Let me tell ya, I’m sure that this is the city is going to be called “the city of lights” one day.
We spent the day walking and looking around. We haven’t eaten anything all day as we didn’t have any money left. Our stomach were aching, we’ve seen kids stealing stoles but none of us was expert in stealing. We knew too well the we would have been caught if we tried. So we’ve kept on walking to forget our hunger and to keep warm. At night the temperature dropped a lot, and we were freezing.
-Damn! I wish we were smarter not to come in winter, I said.
The moon shone its pale light on the snowy path, we could only hear the noise of our footsteps and occasionally some laughter in the homes we passed by. It must have been after midnight, we couldn’t keep on walking. We arrived at a bridge. I told your dad that we could as well spend the night under the bridge. He agreed. We lied there back. to back, on the cold stone, without a blanket, without a coat, nothing just the warmth of our back. We were freezing. In the middle of the night I woke up with the tingling of small bells. I opened my eyes to see 6 dears in front of me and a red carriage. A man stepped down of it, he wore a red coat and pants, with black leather boots, a red hat and a white beard. He seemed to come from another time.
– Ho ho ho, hello my dear friends, why are you sleeping under a bridge on this fine Christmas night?
– We came from far, we didn’t find any place to sleep nor any food, your father replied.
– Well…. I’m am your good luck, come with me, He said stepping into the carriage.
We’ve stepped into the carriage with him, and that’s when the really weird thing happened. He said “Ho” and the dears jumped into the air! Yes child, we were flying above Paris in a matter of seconds. Those dears were magical. Your father and I were laughing like crazy. This red clothed man made us see all the city from above. It was beautiful! La Seine… la Tour Eiffel…. we could see the houses so small bellow us. It’s a night we’ll never forget! After a few minutes, the dears landed by a big church where was a decorated fir tree.
– Ok folks, this is the church of Notre Dame, here you’ll find shelter and food. Just knock on that door and it shall be opened. But before we part, take these.
Out of the back of his carriage he took out two packages. One for me and one for your father.
Just after that, he said “Ho” and flew into the sky again. We never saw him again.
We opened the packages, we found for each of us a long warm coat which has kept us warm in those cold winter nights for a very long time.

We knocked at the door the red clothed man showed us. After a while, someone answered behind the door.
– Who is it?
– We’re travelers, we need shelter and food for the night. We don’t want any trouble.
The door opened a little, we saw a short priest in his nightwear. He looked at both of us then opened the door for us to go in.
– Come in, come in. Go heat yourself by the fire, I’ll make you something to eat.
And that’s how we found ourselves in a warm, cozy presbytery were we spent a lovely night in a bed after having filled our bellies. The End”

The little child was already asleep, on his laps. Uncle Sid smiled at him “sweet dreams little one and Merry Christmas”

See Paris and its fight for the latest pics and news.


I thought it was a normal morning when I woke up. I was lying in a bed by a window. The birds were chirping on the trees, the sun was shining and my day was going to start peacefully when I noticed that I wasn’t in my bed but in a hospital one. What was I doing in a hospital?
I’ve tried to remember what happened last night, but my memory was vague.
I remember that I was at a party, celebrating a birthday…. whose birthday? There were many people, mostly young ones, I was holding a cake with lots of candles on top and was bringing it to someone…..The moon was shining bright and I was walking with someone on a small wooden path away from the party as if we were looking for a private space to be. The person was laughing with me, or was it at me?
There was a scream….. Did I scream? And then there was a fight. I remember grabbing my hair with both hands. The person next to me was….. what? I couldn’t remember what happened, and it was frustrating.
I had to call a nurse and ask her. I pressed the button next to me and a few seconds later she appeared.

– Good morning Miss Spencer, how are you feeling today?
– I’m ok I guess. It’s just… what happened?
– Oh! nothing much, for now you need to eat something and rest a bit more.
– No! I need to know, why am I at a hospital?
– …..You fell, she answered hesitantly
– I fell? from where?
– Look, everything is fine. We’ll talk about it in a few minutes.

She didn’t leave me the chance to ask more questions, she left closing the door behind her.
I remained alone for a while, my clothes were hanging in the wardrobe, I had a few pills by my bed with a glass of water and I was wearing a hospital shirt.
Was I free to leave the hospital? Did I witness a crime?
The door opened suddenly and the nurse came in with a tray. I wasn’t hungry, I didn’t want breakfast.

– Ma’am I’m not hungry, I prefer to go now.
– Soon but for now, you must eat. I’ll call the doctor.
I didn’t have much choice, did I? After a few minutes the doctor came in with two other people who didn’t look very medical. A white and a black guy in suit. Something was going in on.
– Hi Miss Spencer, I’m Dr Marvey I will need to do a quick check up and then you’ll be free to go. But first the Police would like a word with you. I’ll be just outside.
With that he left me.with the two guys.
– Hi Ma’am, I’m Officer Roy and this is Officer Chuck, we’re from the criminal department, we’d like to ask you a few questions about what happened last night.
– Why what happened?
– We’d like you to tell us.
– I don’t know. Everything is blurry
– What can you remember?
– Unfortunately not much. I know that I was at a party and then there was a fight and some screams!
– That’s it?
– Yeah, I’m sorry.
– We suspect a kidnapping and we need as much information as you can give us.
– A kidnapping ? Who was kidnapped ?
– A man called Johnny Riff. We’ve heard that you were the last person to have seen him.

I looked at the picture I was given. So that was the person I was with last night? His face was familiar but all was too vague.

– Johnny? I don’t remember much. We were walking away from the party and then it seems that there was a fight, and I remember that I was holding my hair as if someone was holding me by it…. nothing else.
– Miss Spencer, do you remember anything strange?

Strange? why would there be anything strange? I didn’t ….. A pair of big dark eyes. A grey skin cold as ice. Johny screaming while being taken…..I looked at the Officers

– Ma’am? you’re white as a sheet!
– I think there were people wearing masks, Alien masks, Johnny was screaming but they’ve taken him.
– Ma’am can you describe them?
– No, no, it was dark, I saw two big black eyes, then there was this arm who was pulling me by my hair, it was cold and grey. I think…..he was taking me somewhere.
– Ma’am, we found you hidden between some bush a mile from the party, please try to remember.

I was hiding, behind bushes obviously from the kidnappers. How did I manage to get there? Was I alone? A cold hand gripping my hair. I tried to get my hair loose. Another hand as ice gripping my arm and pulling me through the forest. Trying to get free from my aggressor, I picked a stone blindly and hit hard on the hand who let me loose instantly. I was running tripping over twigs and dead trees. I couldn’t run anymore, I had to hide. I saw bushes, lots of them….. I threw myself to the floor among them and kept waiting. I saw something running toward me, it had a strange shape. A big head, 2 big black eyes, it walked like a man but…. it wasn’t one, It was awful . Difficult to describe.

– They weren’t people. I know it sounds weird but they weren’t. When I hid behind the bushes, one of them came close, searching for me, he made this strange loud yelling noise! Probably a call or something. A few seconds later, a bright light appeared just over him and he…. disappeared instantly.

The two officers looked at me as if I was insane and making up the story.

– Miss Spencer, were you awake when that happened.
– Yes sir, I was. And I’m telling the truth! I don’t know what happened to Johnny but I know that they weren’t humans! I saw this being disappear into thin air as soon as the light appeared. I couldn’t see what was up there , but I’m sure they were Aliens.
– Maybe it was the fear or ….
– No sir! I didn’t imagine.
– Alright. Thank you. If we need further information, we’ll be in touch.

I thought that I was finally free to go, but I didn’t know that this was just the beginning.

The Path (collaboration with Sann)- Part 1

The sky was dark as usual, the paths were narrow, the lights remained on all day and were seen in every house as it was the only source of light down here. Manon was walking to the library to meet a friend. Schools was starting in a week and she had two more books to read and some research to do. Her friend was her cousin Ted, a boy who dreamed to be a scientist and bring the people back to the surface. Manon was a dreamer, anything was possible for her if she put her mind to it, so Ted was the source of her dreams. The library was a square building on the outskirts of the village. So to get there, Manon crossed many paths and creeks, swaps, bridges, fields and backyards.

Ted was waiting for her busy calculating something

– Hey Ted

– oh hi, you’re early, he said without lifting his head from the calculator

-No…. YOU are BUSY. Did you find anything yet ?

– Not exactly but I have some lead.

– oh yeah ?

– Yep. I’ve found in Mr Carson’s office an old map which shows an ancient route going out of town and ending in a kind of dead end.

– ok, what’s in the dead end?

– I don’t know! We must find out.

– What? How?

– We must find some torches and…. explore

– But…. that’s out of town and it’s forbidden to go out.

– Well… maybe the answer Is there. If is we must find it.

Two days later Ted and Manon met at the same place. Each of them had a backpack. Manon looked nervous, she kept looking back where she came from expecting to see someone rushing to call her back.

– Stop worrying and come on.

Carefully not to be seen they went round the library looking for the lost path. The tall grass made their escape easier. They walked in the tall grass for a few minutes, the town’s lamps faded little by little and only their footsteps could be heard. Ted walked in front and Manon a few paces behind him.

– Ok we’d better turn the torches on now, he said

They kept on going, crossing creeks and ponds every once in a while. There was no sound except for their footsteps in the grass. They’ve walked for a few hours before arriving to a wide round stony place. Both remained silent looking around. There was tall grass almost all around and on the opposite side of them there was the dark mountain wall. It was a dead end.

– What now?, asked Manon

– We search, he replied pointing the torch upwards

They couldn’t see the top of the mountain or should we say the wall perhaps. There wasn’t enough light and the summit must have been quite far.

– I guess that the answer is not up there, said Manon

– I don’t know. There must be something here though.

The stepped on the stony surface, looking for something unusual. Every stone was perfectly round and as hard as a stone can be. Ted was puzzled by the place, he couldn’t figure what was this place for.

– What if the answer is in the grass around us? asked Manon

– Yeah… could be. Ok you start over there, yell if you find anything and don’t go far.

They split, starting by the mountain’s wall toward where they came from. There was nothing except grass, frogs, rabbits, insects and water. After several minutes they met at the trail.

– So far, nothing new, he said

– Should we get back?

Ted looked up again, he didn’t want to leave. There was something to discover, he just couldn’t see what.

– We must camp here for the night. Something will come up in the morning.

They unpacked, and settled the camp. Soon after, they were both asleep.


“Hey, we gotta go there?”, said one in his deep voice.

“Yes. All the treasure that we have stolen from the village is safe there. We need to recover it from that place and flee faraway before someone else discovers it”, said the second one, leading his companion. The men walked towards the place where Ted and Manon had been camping. Manon was a light sleeper so she immediately woke up. The men spoke something else too and though Manon couldn’t understand it, she knew they weren’t the only ones there. The men did not see the children and they continued walking.

Manon tried to wake up Ted but he was fast asleep. She decided to peek out of their small tent through a gap in the corner. She looked out to see two dark figures in the distance walking with lamps which turned dimmer every passing moment.

The men had walked quite a distance and they had to climb up now. They chose to wait for sometime and rest. Ted was still asleep and Manon slapped him hard on the cheek. He suddenly woke up with a startle and stared angrily at Manon.

“Ted. Stop looking at me like that. You don’t know what I just saw. Two explorers like us, who went walking in that direction,” she said pointing to the right.

“Holy! How could you not wake me up!! Do you understand what you just did!?”

“Yes. I very well understand what I just did. I woke you up.”

Ted and Manon trotted as fast as they could with their torches in the direction which Manon had indicated. After sometime, Ted suddenly tripped over something. They realised it was a person’s leg. The man who was fast asleep, just turned over to the other side, unaffected by what had just happened. Another man rested beside him. Manon realised that these were the two men whom she had spotted earlier. Ted stumbled upon a map and flashing his torch he realised, he had just found what he had been searching for so long. A way. A tunnel.


Ted and Manon tiptoed towards the narrow staircase that led to the tunnel somewhere on the top. They climbed it and finally after an hour or so, they reached the entrance of the tunnel, panting.

“I can’t go further anymore”, Manon panted, dropping down on in front of the entrance.

“Not now, Man. We are almost there. What’s the use of giving up when you can see your destination right in front of you? Let’s do it. Come on.” Ted said, trying to encourage himself and her. Manon raised her hands asking for help. Ted held them and pulled her. They both entered the tunnel and embarked on their journey to the exit of it. The end of the tunnel meant the end of the summit. A way to the top.



Here I am. Alone in this cell. I don’t know how many days I’ve spent waiting for my final hour. They said that it will be soon, and I believe them. I don’t have much time left, I want to remember how I came to be an ISIS prisoner.
I was a volunteer among others for the red cross. I’m a doctor and I knew that I was more useful here than in my own country. My wife warned me that it was dangerous and that she would never forgive herself if something happened to me. I guess…. she won’t. I should have listened to her. I can’t turn back in time. I remember her kissing me goodbye, her soft voice tell me “I love you”, her sad smile looking at me when I told her that there were children and mothers just like her needing me out there. I guess…. I will never see my child again, nor the love of my life. Dear God, What have I done wrong? Why should I die this way? I was saving a boy’s life when they burst in shooting at some nurses and patients. I wonder why they didn’t shoot me. They just sized me, banded my eyes, secured my hands behind my back and pushed me around until I was thrown into a pick up. Silently I cried for that boy. He was just a child. What happened to him? I couldn’t see what was happening around me but I listened carefully.They stopped a few times along the road, seconds later I heard gunfires, people screaming, and they brought another body beside me. The new one wasn’t as silent as I was, on the contrary…. he yelled a lot in Spanish. Well… All I know is that they didn’t like him talking so much, he was beaten and then one of them said in a clear English “Shut the F*** up or you’ll die sooner”. He cried for a while and then became quiet. Our third stop was a few hours later. I heard men speaking in different languages, but most of them in Arabic. Footsteps disappearing in the middle of a chaotic sound of cars and yells. The sun was hitting hard on my head, the heat was drying my throat and I needed a drink. I knew that I could be hit as my fellow hostage has been, but I desperately needed to drink.
– Excuse me…. I need some water please.
I couldn’t possibly ask for a ginger beer, water was my only option if I had one.
No one answered my request.
– Please can I have something to drink?
Now I heard footsteps coming toward me, I waited for a blown, but thankfully I felt a bottle on my lips. Fresh water went through my throat and stomach. Sudenly the bottle was taken of my lips. That’s all I was granted. Half an hour later we were moving again. Along the way I heard bombs, gunshots, people screaming, women crying, something burning…. At nightfall we arrived at the final destination. I was taking off the pick up and dragged here. One of them took off my blindfold, set my hands free and closed the door behind him. I heard my fellow prisoner being dragged in another place. Since then I’ve been served four times bread, dattes and a little ration of water. There were days, I wasn’t served anything and my belly hurted like hell. Now I’m just waiting….. either my death or my bread and dates.
There is no light in here, just the little that comes from under the door. There is no way I can flee, even if I can get out, I’ll be surrounded by a bunch of terrorists. The only thing I can do is pray and think.
Good God, why are they doing this? Is it for hate? Is it for their religion? Why do they say that they’re Muslims? Two of my collaborators are Muslims, yet… they save lives. I remember them saying that “Islam is a religion of peace where everyone is equal, and where killing a human being is like killing all humanity”. So that makes me think, that this bunch of people lost their faith when they’ve made alliance with the ISIS. That’s why they do exactly the opposite of what their Faith asks of them.
I’d better pray now, in case I won’t have the time later: Oh God, I’m your faithful servant. You know what I’ve tried to do all my life, I tried to do good to those who needed my skills whatsoever their race, faith, political views, etc… I wanted to be useful for the people you’ve created. Dear Lord forgive my sins and accept me by your side. If I ever done wrong to you or to any of your creatures, pease forgive me. If I die here far from my family, grant them your help and your grace so that they may live in peace after my departure. Amen.
What should I do now? Sleep? Yell? sing? I feel so tired and hungry and thirsty.
I’m hearing footsteps….the door is unlocking …. the light is blinding me.
– GET UP! You’re going to die, make your prayer.
I don’t see anyone , but I’d better get up . Someone is holding me by the arm and neck. I’m dragged under the sun… I’m surrounded by people dressed in black with their face covered and their black flag. I’m pushed on the ground.
My hands are being tied behind my back, my eyes are banded….. My senses flee….I hear the man behind me speaking in Arabic loudly like speaking to a deaf. Why is he yelling? Is it possible that I’m more worried by his pitch than by my death? I guess I am. I feel something cold touching my throat. So that’s how I’m going to die? Like a lamb? Can I say something at least? No? I feel the cold knife pushing my skin, some blood is flowing out of me. Why am I not dead yet? He’s still spea….

What a coincidence

He was working late in his office. He should have been home if it wasn’t for the extra work which was holding him. Two more reviews to write and he’ll be free to go home. It wasn’t easy to be at work while all his friends were enjoying their evening.
His fingers running over the keyboard, turning his thoughts into matter. Ten minutes later he finished his last review. All was done, the paperwork in his briefcase, the trash into the bin, the computer shut down, the lights turned off. He was ready to leave. He walked down to the main hall, where the security was waiting for him.
– All good Mr Johnson ?
– Now it is! Thanks Walker.Have a good night
– You too Sir.
Johnson crossed the road to the subway station, ran down the stairs to catch the sub, but missed it by a few seconds. The next one would be in eight minutes.
He could as well take a seat. There was no one at this hour, just him and….. nothing. He closed his eyes leaning his head on the wall. He was hearing kids laughing in another platform, a woman walking up the escalator. Suddenly he felt a presence. He opened his eyes and saw a man just in front of him wearing ragged clothes and staring at him. Johnson jumped yelling a “WOW!”
– Where do you come from!?
The man didn’t reply, he kept staring at him. Johnson took a few steps away thinking that he was a beggar. But something was telling him that “the beggar” was still watching him. He looked at him and found “the beggar” still staring.
– What do you want? Do you want money?
“The beggar” didn’t reply. “This beggar is freaking me out” he thought. “I’d walk rather than waiting the sub by this guy” So he went out of the Sub and took the road he needed to. He was just ten blocks from home. But usually the distance multiplies when we’re in a hurry.
After a block he look behind to see if he was followed; actually he was.
“The beggar” was following him a few meters behind. Johnson was becoming anxious, he couldn’t let this guy see where he lived. So he decided to turn left in his own street instead of turning right toward his apartment. At least he would find a Starbucks, which should be open at this time of night, where he could call the police if he had to. A few minutes later he turned left without looking behind, the Starbucks was at the second light, no more than two minutes walk. At the first light he had to wait for the pedestrian green light as there was trafic. He looked back and saw the same guy approaching. He had to cross even if the light was still red, he didn’t want to be caught by the creepy guy. As he crossed he looked back again. The guy wasn’t bothered by the traffic, he didn’t even look right or left, he just crossed. “This guy is the devil!” Johnson thought and ran to the next trafic lights. Starbucks was on the other side of the road, some people were enjoying their drinks and chatting inside. One more glimpse toward “The beggar”…. he wasn’t there. The guy wasn’t following! “What the hell?!” he thought. He looked all around and but the guy wasn’t anywhere. What if all of this was his imagination ? No! Couldn’t be. “He’s still here, but hidden” he thought. He decided to cross the road, the lights weren’t working in this junction, but as he could see, there was no major traffic. As he crossed the first half of the road, he was looking back for any sign of “the beggar”. Still nothing…. he was about to cross the second half when he heard a loud honk coming from his right side, he had just the time to look and see a big truck coming toward him… The next thing he knew, he was lying on the floor by the Starbucks, some people were by his side trying to wake him and asking him if he was ok. His head hurt, his vision was a little blurry but he was fine.
– What happened? he asked
– We don’t know, we heard a honk, we saw a truck and a guy pushing you out of the road and when we thought that the othe guy was squashed by the truck, we ran out to look for him but he was gone. And the truck just kept driving. I guess he must have …. I don’t know…. I guess it is a miracle that you’re still alive!
Johnson was shocked. He was thinking about what he went through since he left office.
“Why did “the beggar” bothered to follow me all this way?” he thought “If I haven’t met him in the Subway, I wouldn’t be here now. And he wouldn’t have saved my life either, ’cause I wouldn’t have been in danger. So what was all this about?” Johnson was puzzled. The clients helped him to get inside Starbucks. After being assured that he didn’t need assistance they left him alone.
As he was waiting for his coffee he listened to the breacking news on the radio.
“….Subway collision at the central station, a pipe explosion provoked this accident which killed two people and wounded several passengers……”
Johnson stopped listening, “there is a reason for everything…. we can’t always see the purpose for an event. But nothing is coincidence”


An old woman was seated on a rocking chair by the fireplace, she was hearing someone playing the piano in the next room. Her thoughts roamed away; her family,the day she married, the first year her son went to school, the gift her granddaughter brought her a few weeks ago…. when suddenly the piano stopped playing. She woke up from her dreams, looked at the clock 9h30. It wasn’t the time yet.
– Rachael, why did you stop playing?
No one answered.
– Rachael? What is it?
She always needed Rachel’s assistance to walk around the house and make small chores for her. As Rachael didn’t respond, she decided to look for her herself. Leaning on her cane she headed for the next room where the piano was.
– Rachael? Answer me.
Entering the room, the girl was nowhere to be seen.
– Where are you? Why are you hiding ?
Could she have gone out of the room while she was by the fire? why didn’t she tell her so?
Carefully she made her way to her rocking chair. She remained silent for a few minutes, paying attention to any noise she could hear. The house was silent.
– Rachael! come here at once. It’s not funny you know.
The poor old woman didn’t know what to do. She had to call someone. Painfully she made her way into the main hall, where the phone was. She started by calling her son.
No one answered.
She began to be anxious. That never happened before.
She called her neighbor.
No one there too.
– Raaaachhael! Where are you?
What has become of her? The house wasn’t that big. Was there someone else in the house? What if there was someone else in the house? She suddenly felt vulnerable. She needed to find a place to think, relax and be safe. “The kitchen” she thought. A few more steps to the kitchen. The door was unusually closed. Rachael must have closed it after supper. She opened the door and a loud noise came from the inside which made her jump.
“SURPRIIIIISEE!!” Dozens of people were gathered with baloons, flowers and were applauding. There came Rachel with a magnificent cake with 80 candels on top.
– Happy Birthday Rose!!

The Pen of Destiny

He held the pen with awe and admiration. It was a legend in the brotherhood, it held memories worthy to kill for. Now that it was in his possession, he could write his own destiny. But, for the pen to be his, he needs to get rid of the legitimate owner first. A smile crept across his ugly face. In the meantime, he also needed to flee to a more secure location. He went out of the room and crossed the patio carefully not to be seen. But he didn’t know that his fate was sealed from the moment he took the step out of the room with the pen in his left hand.

It was almost dark outside. A tall silhouette was seen trying to make its way into the main hall. He needed a few more steps to get out of the hall remaining unseen. He was almost halfway to the door when he felt a pain in his chest. He screamed placing his right hand on his heart. He stopped short expecting someone to rush into the hall. But a silence of death surrounded him. Although it was just a few steps to the exit, he didn’t dare to move. He felt the change. Something was not right. He could feel the air cooling, and the sound of his breath getting louder than the night’s whispers. He looked at The Pen that was still in his left hand, and it was then he understood it all.

The magical ink was getting into him, turning his blood into ink. He tried to throw the pen, but his fist wouldn’t open. His heart started to beat faster, the sudden freezing air was burning his lungs. He ran for the door. As soon as he touched the doorknob with his right hand, the cold burning sensation made him scream even louder. He couldn’t take his hand off the door as it froze to the knob.

Too late…

The power of the Pen was more than he could handle. It was using his blood to destroy him. He couldn’t feel his body anymore. The ink was poisoning his heart and brain while the cold was freezing the entire hall. He screamed for help the last time before falling into an eternal sleep, while the Pen used his last drop of blood to write his Master’s destiny

What am I?

Am I a creature?
Of course I am!
No way I can be an object or a thought
A thought? what if I was a thought?
What is it? Why would i be something that doesn’t exist?
For no reason, just a non-existent entity
For sure I’m wrong. A creature and a non-existing thing
can’t co-op, unless….. unless…
Unless I was a non-existing creature
Yeah….. I love it….
I don’t want to be non-existant
If I can think, than I exist!
Or I think ’cause I’m non-existant!
Would you just SHUT UP?
hmmmm….. that would be difficult.
Ok…. let me think…..
What about?
Come on! I need some time for myself here
oh really? A non-existing being who wants to think!
Oh shut it! I am a creature ok? I have the right to think and I ask you to leave!
What? why are you laughing?
Stop laughing Now!
Hahahaha! You want me to leave? you’re mad!
No I’m not and and I want you to get out at once.
You’re mad I tell you. I can’t leave
Stop saying I’m mad, I’m not and just get the hell out of here!
You know as much as I do, that I can’t leave you…. not anymore
Oh yeah? and who says so?
Come on! don’t ask me that…. you know who.
F*** you!! No one says so, NOW F*** OFF
HEY! don’t speak to me like that. I’m warning you!
Really? And what will you F****** do?
Let me show you….
STOP HURTING ME….AARGH… I can’t move my arms!
I told you so! If you repeat that word again….
No…. please…. I got it. What did you do to me? Why can’t I move my arms?
Told you. You’re mad….
Stop saying that, you broke my arms, you’re the mad one.
No I didn’t break your arms you idiot! They’re secured by that silly white shirt you’re wearing.
Why? why would my shirt stop me from moving my arms?
Are you deaf? You’re mad, you’re a freak, you’re a danger to the community, get it?
No, I don’t f*…. I mean I DON’T get it. Be clear!
You’re a freak AND a dummy! Why do you think you’re behind these walls? why do you think there are barrs at the window? Why there are no sharp things around? Why am I stuck here with you? Why are you alone? Do you get it now?
What ? wait… wait a minute. I’m not alone, youre here, we’re alone.
No dude. you’re alone. Take a look over there. What do you see?
Hmmmm….. myself?
Correct. Am I in the mirror ?
Hmmmm….. Noooo…..
Are you invisible ?
No idiot! I’m you. You are me.
Yeah!….. I like that….. so we’re two.
Nooo you freak! that’s why you’re crazy!