Poem #152

love consumes the heart of the lover
While faith strengthen the bond harder
A heart greedy for the loved one
Will never leave his one behind
Dangers and lands he will cross
To find the true path not fearing the loss
Of his wealth or his fame in this journey
Which will reward him for never being lonely

Poetry #148

Mom loves
the feeling of heat
on her skin
A soft embrace
of the sun’s love
Mother adores
the smell of flowers
walking in fields
of hay and lavender
the sound of cicadas
And bees swarming
Across the land
A proof of being
Free and alive
The bliss
that summer brings
A unique feeling of peace
The season to rejoice
for God’s Greatness
For me mom
you’re the summer
That brings warmth
into my life

Poetry #145

I’m lost in words
After all I saw and heard
The sorrow is drowning me
deep Into oblivion
I see no escape from here
The light is gone
The laughter has vanished
When you took my wand
And turned it into smoke
Why did you have to do this
And leave me bare naked
Among all those chipmunks
Laughing and pointing at me
You devilish Sauron
I am a witch and I’ll curse you
As soon as I find my way
To reach the elves and their magic