Poetry #8

clouds of rain 

hide a heart in pain

taking a path into the fog

like a shadow in a hood

sweeping over you like a drug

changing your mood

snatching your happiness 

leaving you in weariness 

a winter of darkness

burning the flame of despair

gather your thoughts 

throw them in the air

the wind will scatter by lots

Poetry #7

How can a cat and a rat

jumping from hat to hat

turning them all flat

be so fat?




all they do is fighting 

that’s what they do for living.

In winter 

while the cat sleeps

the rat rejoys and sings

they’re both happy 

as long as they don’t meet.

The cat is snappy

while the rat is jumpy,

As the story never ends

the tales become legends.

Poetry #3

I keep wishing for what I have not
A fulfilment that awaits
Is enjoying what has to come
Leaving the worst feelings rot
While expressing enduring traits
Appreciating what I’ve got
And aspiring what life might become

Life is a game
Which for everyone is the same
Don’t search far for your fate
‘Cause you’ll live it in any rate
Some is good
Other are bad
Likely understood
Otherwise it’s sad

Don’t give up
Or you’ll die
Get up
And let yourself fly
In your dreams
Be oneself
Follow the streams
Which lead you to yourself

Poetry #1

The sun is shining

Through a blasted opening

Turning darkness into light.

Mother lost a father and a husband.

Child and wife

Have only each other

In this painful life
Here, nothing is left of our past

Each day might turn out to be our last.
When I go out, mother’s kisses

Make me wonder 

If I’ll see her again.

I miss our old life, my toys,

My friends, my family, my joys.

I’m just a child, 

but I’ve seen dreadful things

Which will haunt me for life.

I wish we had wings

To flee our sweet home town 

which is torn by strife.

No more music, no more theatre

No more laughter, just Death.

I may not be sleeping in my bed tonight

I may not eat with my mother by candle light
I may cease to exist

In the midst of dark mist.
This poem has been enhanced by a good friend Uncertaintyweb. Please pay here a visit she’s a great poet.