Beauty in the World #6

Ireland is one of my favourite countries. It is true that the Irish don’t appreciate being compared to the British, but for me as an outsider, I believe that they can be compared. Previously I’ve described how the British were, I would say that the Irish are wiser, quieter and a bit less sophisticated. You won’t be hearing people screaming on a Saturday night, or you won’t see girls with high heals and very short dresses wandering on the streets Sunday morning.

It is pretty easy to find beauticians here, almost as easy as finding hairdressers. Taking an appointment is necessary due to the high amount of clients. There is no special age who look for treatments, everyone goes there for a reason or for another.

As I was visiting Navan, I found myself at Carol’s Beauty saloon asking the usual questions.

Facial treatments and waxing are the main treatments. They start at 40€ and go up to 120€ or 150-240€ for 3 sessions depending on the type of treatment needed. She told me that Summer and Winter are the busiest time of the year.

I’ve asked Mrs Carol if she had any tip, she said: You have only one skin, take care of it. You can change the way you dress but not your skin.

I believe that’s a pretty good tip, and we should all think about it.

Beauty in the World #5

If you were to find yourself in UK, you’ll notice that here, the women are different than in the rest of Europe (Except Ireland and perhaps Scandinavia which I’ve never been). They take all the time they can manage for the well-being of their appearance. They are too sophisticated for their southern neighbors.
Everywhere you go, even in the middle of the countryside, you’ll see girls and women doing their best to look beautiful. Are they make-up addicts? Probably most of them. Either teens going to school or adults, they take care of their hair as their most precious possession! Even the foreigners who live here since decades, lost the sense of “things are more important than how I look like”.
Even though the British care more about what you can do rather than how you look like, everyone makes its best to have both.
The british culture is far more than being open to every other culture and being proud of its history. History have shown us that the British empire did lots of wrongs to other countries/people, enslaving them, killing them, robbing them, but we mustn’t reject the good as well. They left us with rules, discipline, knowledge, art, architecture, language…. and an example to follow to for those who are open minded. It is one of the rare countries where everyone say “sorry” even if they haven’t done anything wrong to you. It is one of the rare countries where everyone say “thank you” when you let them pass either while driving or on foot. It is one of the rare countries where everyone has good manners toward you even if you’re a foreigner. It is one of the rare countries where small children are taught to be grateful when you stop to let them cross the road. It is the country who made possible for other countries to have uniforms to attend school, either be it boys or girls. Even in small villages of Mongolia, children wear uniforms (whatsoever they look like).
You can find exceptions of course, ’cause the good comes with the bad too, such as in some poor neighborhoods where even their streets look somehow …. reckless. Or these young girls who love to have fun on “Saturday nights”, they stay out all night with short dresses and high heels and you find them Sunday morning till 8am wandering in the streets like zombies, because they’re too drunk to find their way. Or these boys/men screaming as if they were tortured just because they’re very drunk and want to make a lot of noise in the neighborhood.
But this kind of British are a minority who want to be different or have to be different.
Most people take care of their body shape , you can find huge gyms everywhere. Unfortunately there is more and more overweight people due to the fast food and junk food available at a cheap price.
Hairdressers and Nail saloons are all over the places and are always busy.
Beautician though are a bit hard to find. At least harder than in the countries I’ve been before. Sometimes there is only one per town, or they’re part of a hair and nail saloon.
There is no particular age at the beauty saloon. The most wanted treatment are nail & feet polish. Then the waxing and then the facial treatments and sometimes even massages.
Different Kinds of treatments are available:

Eyelashes extention , brows shaping, spray tans, sunbeds, peelings….
Depending on what you want each facial treatment costs about 80£ (93 €)and can go up to 240£ (280€) for several ones. An appointment is always necessary most of all at Christmas time and summer. Nails start at 5£ (6€)

I’ve asked if there was any tip: Use sunscreens and don’t rub your nail polish!

Cosmetics are very easily accessible and the price range is from 1£ (1.5€) to ~200£ (230€) depending of what you’re looking for and which brand it is. One thing for sure, if you’re very poor you still can look good for 5£ (6€)! Yes you can find incredible prices for products you usually pay a considerable amount of money. Perhaps that’s why beauty is part of this culture.

Beauty in the World # 4

Switzerland is a country where most of the women are not so different from the Portuguese (See post). They take care of their skin but don’t use much make-up unless it is for an occasion. They care more about hygiene rather than beauty. Even though they’re smart, clean and wealthy, they’re not sophisticated at all. I guess that they value the brain, rather than the appearance.
Here the beauty centers are easy to find but an appointment is necessary, mostly in summer which is the busiest time of the year.
Women of any age can be found at the beautician. The most common treatment they look for is hair removal, but every season has its treatments. For instance at this time of year, feet treatments such as nail polish are the most wanted, while in winter the facial treatments are most wanted.

The average price range is 120 – 130 Francs (110 euros) per corporal session or 200 Francs (190 euros) per facial ones. While 1200 Francs (1100 euros) for 6 (facial/corporal) sessions.

You may find hair saloons which take care of your hair, nails and skin at the same place such as this one

Beauty in the World #3

I’ve spent most of my childhood in France. I had many opportunities to notice and judge how this population take care of themselves. I must say that the French are NOT make-up addicts.
The young generation is more used to cosmetics and beauty products than the old ones. The renowned pharmaceutical brands such as La Roche Posay, Avene, Bioderma, Uriage…. are easily accessible in every Pharmacy. The price varies between drug stores.
The Cosmetics and Perfumes stores such as Sephora, Nocibé are good places to shop for renowned brands such as Dior, Chanel, Este Lauder, Gucci… and Yves Rocher for its own products.
The hairdressers are for every age and social status. The women are more interested in how their hair looks like rather than which makeup they ought to use. I think that the lipstick is the most common cosmetic women wear.
Skin cleanser & moisturizers are common products on every shelf, while mascaras, skin foundation and eye liners are for special occasions or for working on busy public places, you know what I mean. Yet they take care of their body shape. You can easily find products for weight loss or for cellulite at a high price.
Beauticians are easy to find, but you need to book an appointment most of the time due to the amount of customers they have.
The most commont wanted thing is hair removal and facial treatment.

Here the treatments cost about 70 Euros for a facial one (depending on what you’re going to do) and 400-500 Euros for 10 corporal ones.
I would say that 400-500 Euros is awfully expensive! Unless you’re doing something very serious requiring a special machine, perhaps for celluite.
Here you can find young and old ladies at the beautician, they all take care of their skin. The busiest time of the year is spring, as they prepare for summer.
I’ve asked if there was a tip for my readers: Do more treatments !

Beauty in the Wold #2

Spain is one of the countries where beauty is part of the culture. Here you can see old ladies as beautiful as young ones. Taking care of their skin, hair, nails and shape as part of their feminine duties.
Most of the time the beauty center is at the hairdresser or perhaps I should say the hairdresser is at the beauty center. Because it’s hard to find a beautician who can’t take care of hairs and nails in the same shop.
In my opinion, the Spanish aren’t as hygienic as the Portuguese are (see here the previous post) but they are more elegant and feminine. Those who go to the beautician are more for a facial treatment rather than a corporal one and most of them are women of 40+.

Here they pay about 150 Euros for 10 facial sessions and 90 Euros for 6 corporal sessions

Beauty in the World #1

We can find beauticians all over the world. But the treatments and prices vary, depending on where you are. It’s for sure that the northern countries don’t look for the same treatment as the southern ones.

So every once in a while I’ll be posting about a different country, how does the people look like, how much it costs to he treated, what do the clients want,etc…

Portugal is latin country but quite different from their neighbor; Spain. Some clichés are still in use here and there, such as the Portuguese women are all janitors while the men worked in masonry. In fact only the old generation from the 70′ and 80′ were like that. Now women and men are like everywhere else.
Now speaking about the difference between the Spanish and the Portuguese. I would say that the Portuguese are very unlucky due to their country’s location. It is the farthest country of Europe, they don’t have a wide variety of neighbors to mix their culture with. So it is very normal to see the old people standing in the middle of the street to look at you if you look and dress differently.
Yes…. it’s very annoying to be looked at as if you were coming from another planet.
They don’t use as much makeup as the Spanish do, they don’t dress elegantly as their neighbors do either. Yet the new generation is the only image of modernity that can be seen by foreign eyes.

Lots of beauticians can be found across the country, and it is not always easy to take an appointment for the same day due to their tight schedule.
Having spoken to a few, I’ve been told that most of their clients are people of middle age, wanting more body treatments rather than facial ones, such as anti-celullite, hair removal, manicure, etc… Various prices are to be found, for instance you’re about to pay 30-40 Euros per facial session and 460 Euros for 4-6 body sessions in a private cabinet, while you can pay 168 Euros for 5-6 facial sessions and 198 Euros for 5-6 body sessions at a pharmacy’s beauty institute such as Wells. They surely don’t use the same products neither the same tools, but they try to achieve the same thing.

For deeper skin care, such as wrinkles, acne, brown spots….the dermatologist is the option.

I agree with the first beautician that I spoke with, who told me that the best treatment is “the prevention”. Smoking, Drinking and Stress is what aggravate our health.

The younger people take care of their shape and beauty at home, using all the beauty products available on the market, while the old people don’t really care.

Beauty is part of every culture but used in different ways, the Portuguese focus more on the hygiene rather than the looks. As every epoch has its fancies, the cosmetic addiction is slowly rising as the young people merge their souls in the world of internet.


Most of us use soap for our facial wash. We can find lots of different ones in store. As usual some are better than others. This one is special for 2 reasons:
1/ it can be used as a soap and a mask. You can apply it on a dry face, leaving it for 5 minutes and wash off. It helps to clear the skin of its dead cells and black dots.
2/ It is not foamy. I dislike very much foamy soaps, it seems that I have to use twice as much water to rinse it off. This one has a creamy texture easy to wash off.

It is a good quality soap for every type of skin, the face doesn’t feel dry after it. And it smells good.


No one can pretend to have a difficulty to find an eye shadow but it can be difficult to chose between the different hues. 😕

Some suits the dark skin better, while others suits the fairer skin.
For instance if I use a blue tone, I’ll look ridiculous !😱 While the white works best.😏
So before buying any eye shadow, test it. What’s the point in having one that doesn’t work for you.
Most are powdery such as this one, after a while you may feel your eyes sore as the powder made its way into your eyes. While others are more ….greasy, they probably last longer such as the one I spoke about a few days ago. suits the dark skin better, while others suits the fairer skin.
For instance if I use a blue tone, I’ll look ridiculous !😲 While the white works best.
So before buying any eye shadow, test it. What’s the point in having one that doesn’t work for you.😒
Most are powdery such as this one, after a while you may feel your eyes sore as the powder made its way into your eyes. While others are more ….greasy, they probably last longer such as the one I spoke about a few days ago.😁


This is a powder meant to give shine to your face or neck.

You can apply it with a brush. When the sun/lamp shines on you, your face will look more shiny.

It is meant to be used on your cheek bones, upper nose part, and forehead.

For me it’s not very useful ’cause I wear eyeglasses which stops the light reflecting on my cheeks . But for the normal people, I think it is useful.


I guess there are lots of things to say about Mascara. We find multiple brands offering multiple brush thickness, material and shape to enhance our lashes.

Personally I’ve tried a few in my life and I can’t say that i’ve been happier with one rather than the other.
Using a thin rubber/hair brush seem to separate the lashes giving them lengh while the thick hair brush seem to thicken the lashes adding the product between them which is known as volume.
This mascara tend to darken the lashes (as most mascaras do) and gives a little volume while adding lengh as well. It doesn’t leave crumbs applying it. Yet I don’t see why buying this product over all the others available. Unless it was for the quality/price