What about… #18

Why do I bother blogging?

Have you ever felt that you’re lost in a world of 7 billion people? Have you ever had the feeling that you’ll die some day and your existence will be forgotten by the humanity? Who cares about your thoughts, your beliefs, your memories? Not many. I believe that each voice is a mind, a soul. Better it to be good or peaceful, but a voice is a person’s feeling and belief; it counts.

We’re in a selfish world were the “I” dominates the “We” or the “They”. We use the terme “We” when we’re defending a cause which goes along with our thoughts. And we use “They” when we refere an action to someone else who doesn’t affect us in any way. So I’ll skip the “We” and I’ll speak on my name from now on.

Sometimes I feel disconnected from the world, and the only thing that binds me to it, is the sharing of ideas with others. I happen to ask myself what I’m doing here, nobody cares about what I think or what I feel. It’s in those moments that I feel the urge to write whatever crosses my mind, it keeps me distracted from my daily routine and loneliness that brings me down sometimes. But I know that it’s normal, we are all a little alike. The world is too wide, it possess 7 billion  opinions and ideas. I am just a soul among others who have passed away and didn’t leave any trace of their existence. So that’s why I share some of my thoughts with the world, to feel that I’m a voice as well, and I can make myself heard if I want to. Some would say that I’m losing my time for nothing and I could have done something useful instead. Perhaps. But at least I know that I’m part of a community who loves to write as I do, and that gives me a sense of belonging.


Author: Novus Lectio

You'll never know what you'll read next. Random lecture is what is all about but one thing is for sure, it's by the same author who wrote The Theory of Fate and Who Went Out of Africa

15 thoughts on “What about… #18”

  1. I started blogging five years ago when I was at a very low point in life ( I have come back to it when I am again going through a tough time). But back then I didn’t know who I am and I left almost everyone I had just because I failed to connect with them. Some people would not believe me when I’ll say that blogging changed me as a person but it did. It connected me to a world where people actually understood me. By writing everything down here honestly and to find that people like me for my honesty I embraced the actual “me” in real life. Thanks to that, I spent two unbelievably great year during my post-grad. I made some real friends and I learnt to speak whatever was in my mind and to be appreciated for it.
    Blogging is my way to record my life truthfully here. I don’t intend to be a writer anymore. (there was a time when I tried to be) Same as you, I like to belong here and to find support. Blogging is the only therapy I can afford. 🙂

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  2. Excellent post!!! I view the process of blogging (for me) to be a way to leave a means for my voice to be heard – like ancient cave paintings! I do it for my own benefit and if my words find a home in the hearts of those who read my words I’m happy and perhaps there may be seed of inspiration that grow from my words.
    I would encourage you to read the history of Mother’s Against Drunk Drivers to understand the power of just one person motivated to change the world. Her daughter was killed by a drunk driver with 4 or 5 prior convictions. She fought for changes in the law that has saved thousands of lives by getting repeat offender put in jail for longer terms. It’s a really inspiring story about how just one person can change history for the better! Come visit me on my site??

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