A star in the void (poem #163)

I’ve looked up at night
I was in awe by the sight
Millions of shining lights
Falling on earth so bright
Magical Stars sailing
Through darkness burning
To fulfil their life’s objective
And their future subjective
Surrounded by the void
A fate they can’t avoid
Into darkness they’ll fall
Hiding behind the wall
Absorbing everything
And leaving nothing

I thank Uzma for helping me chose the title.

What about… #1

There are powerful things in the universe, far away from us, which exist for a reason. One of those beings are Black Holes. 

We all heard about those strange, terrific, black, absorbing entities, but are they real? Are they what they seem to be?

First thing first, what’s a black hole: When a supergiant stars (O type) dies, they explode into supernovas and then colapse over themselves and turn into a black hole or neutron stars. The density of this one is so dense that nothing can escape its attraction. The Suns that end likewise have between 15 and 90 times the mass of the Sun and they are between 30,000 and 1,000,000 times as luminous as the Sun.

The black holes act like whirepools, they pull everything within their reach such as planets, suns, satellites… and particles such as light. That’s why they cannot be seen, we need High Tech telescopes to detect light diffraction which help us notice that something huge is in the way.

Some theories say that black holes aren’t as we believe them to be. They’re not holes, and  they’re different from what we imagine, because we’ve never seen one. But what difference does it make, either a hole or not. The amount of gravity the hole exerts is so powerful that nothing absorbed remains as it is.

Let me explain: there is something called The Event Horizon, whatever crosses that line is doomed to be shattered, exploded, annelid before reaching the entity itself. The object inside the horizon zone is streched to the point that a ball will look like a drop (see sketch #12) nothing comes out of the horizon zone, its fate is sealed.

The light curves arriving at that limit so that the image (light) of a star will become two, in different directions.

These monsters are what keep the expansion of the universe as it is, not too fast, nor too slow (thank God).

There are a few in our Galaxy among which one is at its center, in the constelation of Sagittarius, called Sagittarius A, it’s a supermassive one, probably to keep the Milky Way in shape. There is nothing to worry about;  it is way too far to have a direct effect on our solar system.

The bottom line is that, we’re not able to know exactly what these black holes are. Some believe they may be a way to another universe, while others believe they are a way to the future or to the past…

Whatever the answer is, Black Holes are mysteries among mysteries


The town is considered the world’s capital of perfume. It is 350 m (1,148.29 ft) above sea level and 20 km (12 mi) from the Côte d’Azur

Three perfume factories offer daily tours and demonstrations, which draw in many of the region’s visitors. In addition to the perfumeries, Grasse’s other main attraction is the Cathedral, dedicated to Notre Dame du Puy and founded in the 11th century.

Grasse has had a prospering perfume industry since the end of the 18th century and it is the centre of the French perfume industry. It produces over two-thirds of France’s natural aromas (for perfume and for food flavourings). Its particular microclimate encouraged the flower farming industry. It is warm and sufficiently inland to be sheltered from the sea air. There is an abundance of water, thanks to its situation in the hills and the 1860 construction of the Siagne canal for irrigation purposes. Jasmine, a key ingredient of many perfumes, was brought to southern France by the Arabs of North Africa in the 16th century. Twenty-seven tonnes of jasmine are now harvested in Grasse annually. There are numerous old ‘parfumeries’ , such as Galimard, Molinard and Fragonard, each with tours and a museum.

The countryside around the city began to grow fields of flowers, offering new scents from the city. In the middle of the eighteenth century, the perfumery was experiencing a very important development. Leading companies dating from this period includes oldest French perfumerie and third oldest parfumerie in Europe Galimard established in 1747.

In the Middle Ages, Grasse specialized in leather tanning. Once tanned, the hides were often exported to Genoa or Pisa, cities that shared a commercial alliance with Grasse. Several centuries of this intense activity witnessed many technological advances within tanning industries. The hides of the town acquired a reputation for high quality. But the leather smelled badly, something that did not please the glove wearing nobility. This is when Galimard, a tanner came up with the idea of scented leather gloves. He offered a pair of scented gloves to Catherine de Medici who was seduced by the gift. Thereafter, the product spread through the Royal Court and high society, and this made a worldwide reputation for Grasse. The seventeenth century became the heyday of “Glovers Perfumers’. The rare scents from this town’s (lavender, myrtle, jasmine, rose, orange blossom and wild mimosa) did win the title for the Grasse as the perfume capital of the world.

A network of sixty companies employs 3,500 people in the city and surrounding area. Additionally about 10,000 residents are indirectly employed by the perfume industry. The main activity of perfumery is in the production of natural raw materials (essential oils, concretes, absolutes, resinoids and molecular distillation) and the production of concentrate, also called the juice. A concentrate is the main product that when diluted in at least 80% alcohol provides a perfume. Also food flavorings, which developed since the 1970s, account for over half of production output today.

The Fragonard Perfumery was established in 1926 in one of the oldest factories in the city. Its museum Fragonard Musée du Parfum displays rare objects that explain the history of perfumery, covering 5,000 years.
International Perfume Museum. Opened in 1989, the museum traces the evolution of techniques during the 5,000 year history of perfumery and the large contribution of the Grasse area to perfume making.

These are some pics I took of the old town. And there is a 5mn long video through the old streets.

Interview with Uzma

Here we go again! The fabulous Uzma accepted to be interviewed by me. Let see what she has to say….

  • What if the dinos still existed?

Countries will be ranked not safe for travel with unfriendly, untamed and prejudiced dinos.

There will be travel vaccines accordingly and drones for Dino safety.

  • Grilled, fried or boiled?

Depends how hungry I am 😝

Prefer Grilled for all overrated health reasons.

  • Do you believe in life after death?

When the universe is kept in perfect balance to sustain life, to provide provisions, relations and responsibilities…

It is but evident, there is more that we know ..

  • How hateful is hate?

Hate is a strong emotion. Needs dedication, consistency and passion. All for no gain. So what a waste. A big fat no to hate.

  • Sweet or savoury?

Prefer savoury mostly but in winter need instant energy and more craving for sugar. There are moments when red velvet cake is an apple of my eyes.

  • Best food?

Home made from scratch food with my lovely family and friends.

  • Do you agree with those who try the extremes (such as climbing the highest mountain, diving in the deepest waters…)

Sportsmanship is a good spirit…To an extent its ok, but life is too precious to take risks.

A mother climbs the highest mountain and dives the deepest waters to bring life to this world, it should be taken care of.

  • If you’re the prime minister of the UK, what would you start by doing?

Taking a deep breath.

  • What’s your hobby?

Doing what my children like for hobby that day.. changes as per their mood.

A land of dreams

Another collaboration with the talented Uzma. She gave me this wonderful inspiring picture.

This post, is what I see looking at it.

How sweet would it be to live in Middle Earth? Away from this world of greed and hardship. In a place where Elves, Dwarves and Humans live in peace even though they’re different species. How much on a scale of a hundred, would we have declared a war to the Elves and Dwarves if they lived here on Earth with us? We’re not apt to live with a different specie as we’re not even apt to live amongst us.
My land of dreams is Middle Earth, a time and place that never existed due to God’s knowledge on our stupidity and violence. A place where dreams can come true and where magic is part of the society. Everyone has a different perspective of Heaven, but in my imagination, Middle Earth is the perfect one. Life on Earth is not eternal, yet some people want to take advantage of any opportunity even if it is on the back of other human beings. I have a very close friend who has hard times at work because her co-workers want to snatch her place at whichever the cost may be. If she has the job she has, it is because she’s good at it. Why would some other human beings backbite and make plots to take something which isn’t theirs? In my opinion, they’re headless about the hereafter. They believe that only this life exist and when they’ll die they won’t have an account of their deeds to give. How wrong is their belief!
Heaven is not free.
Heaven is expensive, you can’t buy it with money, fame or wrongdoings.

Trick and treats

This is a collaboration with the lovely Uzma who has a great imagination! Thank you for writing this story with me.

I wish that you all check her blog out.

Plus, our collaboration is still going. We’ve got future posts to schedule, God willing. 😉

“Trick and treats!! “
“oh hello my lovely children, let’s see who we have here! A Princess and a vampire, I guess you’re after candies, aren’t you?”
“yes ma’am!”
“Here, grab anything you can”
“thank you”
“you’re welcome and have fun”
The 2 little children stepped away from the house toward the next one
“I guess we have enough candies” said Jane
“You don’t want some more?” asked Billy
“No I’m tired, I wanna go home”
They’ve been knocking on doors for more than an hour and a half. Their bags were heavy and the full moon was shining upon them. Their house was at the other end of town, they knew that they had almost twenty minutes walk to get there and the candies were just on their bags.
“Can we start eating them now?” asked Jane
“Mom said not to stop on the way back”
“We don’t have to stop, we can eat whatever comes out of the bag”
“I suppose so….” said Billy looking at his own bag
But eating candies slowed down their pace. It was late, the stores were closing, the people little by little disappeared in their homes. They still weren’t home.
“Billy, I’m so tired. Why aren’t we home yet?”
“We’re not too far, we just left the town center”
The moonlight shone on their path, only the sound of their steps could be heard. The houses were dark, there was no lights in their windows and no sound either.
” Billy, why is it too quiet?”
“I don’t know Jane, we’ll ask mom” Billy didn’t like the sound of it, he knew that something was not right. They were just twenty minutes walk from home, yet it seems that it was almost midnight.
Arriving, they’ve stopped in front of their house. There were no lights in the house.
“I think we remained more than we should have. Mom probably went out to look for us” said Billy
“What about supper?”
“I don’t know. Stay close Jane, we don’t know what’s happening”
They went in. Everything was in place, the clock was striking midnight.
“Midnight?” asked Jane
“Come Jane, let’s check mom’s room “
Quietly they went up the stairs and silently went in their mother’s room. There was no-one. The bed was made, and there wasn’t any trace that someone was there.
“Mom is not here!” said Billy
“I’m going to sleep here, so that she’ll find me when she returns”
“No Jane! She couldn’t have left the house. If she wanted to look for us, she would have done so earlier. This house is ours, but there is something different about it. Let’s check the rest of the house”
The house did look somewhat different. There was a creepy, strange and ominous feel to it. It’s darkness and slithery silence gave them goosebumps. That feeling when the children are calling out their mom and not getting a reply is eerie in itself.
Jane tried to turn the lights on but they flickered and fused. Inside the sweeping full moonlight, Billy could see spider webs that he had never noticed before.
’why is our voice echoing, when the house is not empty, ’ Jane asked with a fear strike.
Before Billy could mutter a word they heard flapping of wings of bats that got perturbed by their movement and sound.
Jane saw an image of a beast, like a dragon hung in the air like a transparent screen.
’welcome back home my children’, they heard a familiar voice of their mother, only that it was queerer this time.
Jane and Billy both tried to focus on the image that dissolved into a hideous one yet again.
’Welcome to the real you, beginning of a new world of magical possibilities, oh how I waited for this day to disclose our secrets of special sinister powers’. The freaking image babbled.
Jane and Billy looked at each other, shocked, terrified and drenched. They shouted and screamed but then that was ’normal’ on that day for the outside world.
They stood silently for a moment when they heard the voice again, ’so! What do you say? Trick or Treat?’
’trick’, they both replied at the same time.

A lost audience

Here we go again, a second collaboration with the brainstorming Uzma. She has an awesome creative mind. Please stop by her blog and share a comment.

Can you guess who’s parts are these?

Rain drops sliding on my face
Warm tears blinding my eyes
Can’t hide the pain anymore
A trust shattered in pieces
My heart was ripped last night
When I saw you with her
I ran away as if I was fleeing
Fleeing from my thoughts
Fleeing from the truth I’ve seen
My heart was pounding so hard
That I thought I would die
Die of shame and disappointment
Can hold anymore to this life
The rain keeps washing my fears
And my tears still blurring my hate

And then I saw the smile on your face,

That bright, shiny sparkle in your eye,

You felt so real, so complete, so confident.

As I looked back, I realised..

That is not how I knew you..

I loved you for I felt you needed me,

To make you laugh, to take away your worries.

Yet in my selfish love I forgot,

That was I who needed you,

You needed someone else,

Someone not perfect in the worldly eye,

Someone who couldn’t walk or talk,

To support or entertain you,

To share some jokes, to tell you story,

To sing you a song.

And there you are,

Singing, laughing, dancing away,

To muse and entertain.

Perhaps you and I are both clowns,

For a different audience,

For another play…

I wiped my tears to hush my fears,

To let sleep my shame,

To gather all my broken parts,

For another show, another part

Another time, another puzzle,

The life throws my way.