What about … #3

Some people seem to be “cataclysm hunters” they follow whatever they think is catastrophic such as tornadoes, hurricanes, volcanoes, earthquakes, I believe that they just want to make themselves heroes. Or there is a second kind of “cataclysm hunters”, which are eager to find out what kind of END is awaiting us, such as those who are looking for a threatening asteroid or those who are counting the days before the Yellowstone explodes or those who are wating for the Big One!

That’s interesting for sure, but seriously, who is brave enough to live either of these? But evidently the end will come somehow.

So this book is a theory according to the Holy Scriptures, which are more trustful than a simple imagination. So let’s investigate reading this book.

Author: Novus Lectio

You'll never know what you'll read next. Random lecture is what is all about but one thing is for sure, it's by the same author who wrote The Theory of Fate and Who Went Out of Africa

77 thoughts on “What about … #3”

  1. What is going on here? You’re amazing. So… my theory is that you are so unique, you’re intimidating. Maybe, even though you’re brilliant, your theme’s aren’t as relatable than if you tell us more about yourself.

    Ever thought about doing a post like I’m doing, the 100 days? You can put your own spin on it. Make it your own self evaluating process. You can talk about your thoughts and include something about astronomy.

    50 days of Reflection among the Heavens.

    Just an idea. You can do as you please. But I think getting more personal will be more engaging to your readers.

    Love you!

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          1. No darling… just like your round a cup of tea. You will have a daily post with reflections… thoughts and maybe an interesting video about the cosmos. Should be short though. You can do it for a said period of time and set a goal for what you want to cover. It’s up to you how stringent you want to be with your subject matter.

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                    1. yes… via browser.

                      Don’t read my Vampira posts… You will not like it.

                      I’m not used to writing the dark stuff. I didn’t know I could do such a horror. I’m used to writing about love and kissing and hugging. But I have to explore that. And though what I write is scary it’s not like anything else. I like developing characters that have self worth and are affected realistically. I like to keep them emotionally challenged and in the end of everything, there is a love story.

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                    2. You should be using categories and tags such as:
                      Christianity, Bible, Scripture, Meditation, Lectio, Novus, Lectio Divina, Words of wisdom, Cosmos….

                      You’re not using the right tags I don’t think. That will get out to specific readers when they search. No one knows round cup of tea… you should use … contest as a tag, lectio series as a tag as well. something that will come up in search engines.

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                  1. As long as you’re happy and it catches your attention. You’re fine. I like this better than what you had. I feel that it is more soothing. More conducive to contemplation. But you can play around and see what feels good to you.

                    You’re sweet and your mind is extraordinary.

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                    1. To bright. Make it dark not so bright. At least that is how I see it. You know like when you enter a temple filled with candles. You’re works are the candles. The landing page should be the temple.

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                    2. Why are you apologizing to me. It’s your site. I’m just trying to give you ideas. I like it better. It stands out and the eye calms and the focus is on the work. Your are stands out better as well.

                      How about you? Do you like it for yourself? Does it do what you want?

                      That’s the most important thing. You have to have a clear focus of what you want. Then go from there. I’m just giving you my opinion from what I’ve read. I think you blog is about evoking a mood and changing the spirit. I dark theme relaxes the mind and sets that mood. Just my humble opinion.

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                    3. You’re so sweet. I didn’t really do anything. I’m just giving you my feedback. You can ask that of all your readers. You may ask them to give you prompts or suggestions for posts of things they would like to read.

                      Just interact that way. Engage them. I think you have the right idea with the round a cup of tea but you’re using the wrong tags so that the search engines are not going to pull up because… who’s searches for round a cup of tea?. Its a cute, fun, contest, I’m going to participate every Sunday until I get my chocolate. 😉

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                    4. I try to stay positive. LOL

                      Tags suggestions for cup of tea: Contest, deep thoughts, theories, blog, blogging, questions, answers, win, winner, quiz, game

                      Try those and see if you get some new readers.

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                    5. You know… the idea you gave me before to make a serie like yours. It will be about personal reflections such as “what kind of cataclysm do you like”


                    6. Okay but is the reader supposed to fill in the blank or you. Like “What about… the rays of Sunshine after it rains, how do they make you feel?” Is that it? What’s you purpose, I get what you’re trying to do but define your theme a little better.

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                    7. If you do a post on mountains… try these tags: mountains, nature, earth, blog, blogging, inspiration, etc. don’t use uncategorized. If you write about scripture… use it in the tag, then bible verse, blog, blogging, God, religion, etc… those are the tags that will grab you some readers that will interested in the same things that you are.

                      That’s all I meant. Don’t use uncategorized. Nobody will find you that way. Use specific terms.

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  2. Now when you’re done, finalizing your blog and it’s purpose, you should print up a few flyers, half sheets and invite people from your town to visit your site. You should promote yourself outside of WP, i.e. other websites that interest you. Leave a comment with a link to your blog.

    Hope that helps you gain some more readers. Don’t worry about the followers. Readers is what you want.

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