I Put My Parents Through Agony — Crushed Caramel (Learner at love)

Reading this is a must to any youngster out there. It is an inspirational post that makes oneself ponder on its life.

My parents were never really sure quite what happened. They said they felt helpless and they prayed many times that things would turn out well. But they were deeply anxious and doubtful I would recover. For years I had been a typical child, eager, full of life and laughter. I ate and pooped, ate and […]

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Have you ever felt that you have lots of things to say, but they’re all fragmented in your brain, that you don’t know how to put them in order and write them down? That’s how I feel.

Four days are left before 2019 starts and the whole cycle starts again. God knows what this new year will bring. All the dreams and wishes I had at the end of every year, never came true. I still make the same wish and dream this year plus I add some more. Will they come true in 2019?

I dont believe in Astrology, because no one can predict the future. Some can presume, imagine or plan it, but nothing is guaranteed. That’s why many people use “God willing” when speaking about something that is going to happen in the future. Because there will never be any certainty in this life, before it happens.
But there is something in which I believe a little; the chinese horoscope. Wait! Don’t roll your eyes yet.

Let me explain:
As you’re probably aware, there are multiple ways “to know the future ” such as Astrology, Tarot cards, palm reading… Most of them are related to chance such as mixing the cards, rolling dices, selecting random cards…. What I find fascinating about the Chinese horoscope is that it has a bizarre description about Dragons which sounds exactly like my personality.

According to this, I started last year to read what the Chinese horoscope said about Dragons (as it doesn’t have a monthly report as the normal horoscope does, it has a yearly one) and I was quiet astonished to see that last year horoscope was right when it said that 2018 wasn’t particularly prosper for dragons and their economic situations. Wow! That’s why I wasn’t able to sell any books or find any work then!

The positive thing is that the next Chinese year which starts somewhere in February is particularly good for Dragons. Their economic situation is going to boom! Well…. That’s all I want for now. Find work and enhance my economic situation, God willing.

Bad times at El Royale

I’ve just seen “bad times at the royale” it’s a movie about seven strangers getting into a motel The El Royale which sits on the border between California and Nevada. Soon it becomes battleground when these seven strangers converge on a night where nothing was to go wrong.

It is categorised as: crime, drama and mystery

In my opinion it is the best movie I’ve seen recently due to the actor’s performance. They are absolutely brilliant! Their fear, their sadness, their lack of trust… They played their roles as if they were really living the story!

The movie is made by 7 actors in the same motel, it is rather difficult to have a whole story made in one place, yet it is done in an awesome way. As the movie goes, you start having a favourite character, one that you pity and one that you hate.

My favourite is the Afro-American character which plays the role of a soul singer (which she is in fact in the real life). The character has problems in her life, she always look so sad. But her voice is….. a marvel! God! She gave me goosebumps when she sang.

I pity the receptionist, (he’s a damn good actor!) even though we’ll get to know who he really is at the end of the movie, not spoiling the end! You must see it by yourself.

And finally I hated the unexpected guest arriving at the end too. He played soooo well his role to the point that I really hated him. He’s a brute!

The others are: an FBI agent which won’t be in the movie for long (poor guy)
A young woman who kidnapped her sister, for some reasons.
A fake priest, who is losing his memory little by little.
And finally the kidnapped sister which isn’t innocent as she looks like.

If you don’t mind seeing some blood, this movie is a must see! And it makes you ponder on how evil and pervert the human being can be.

I rate it 5 stars.

A special Christmas

The wind was howling, the snow was still falling after last night’s blizzard.
A little cottage was almost buried under a pile of snow. Smoke was coming out of its chimney. Inside, an old man was seated in a rocking chair with a little boy on his laps. The child was almost asleep. He was spending his seventh christmas with his beloved uncle. He loved his uncle’s stories, they were adventurous and magical.
– Uncle Sid, tell me one more time the story of you and dad when you were in Paris.
– Ohhhhhh! Shouldn’t you be in bed now?
– Noooooo. Please let me hear it again, then I’ll go to sleep.
– Alright! promise?
– Promised, said the boy with a huge smile.
Uncle Sid gathered his thoughts and started the tale one more time:

It was a long long time ago. We were barley adults back then. We left our home to see the world and have new stories to tell. We’ve crossed deserts and seas, we’ve fought dragons and vicious men. We spent days without seeing any food and days having our pockets full of nuts and cakes. Oh little one…. you don’t know the hardship we’ve been through. Finally in a winter day, we arrived in Paris on a snowy morning. There were lots of carriages, women in long skirts, women in very short dresses selling their bodies for a few coins, stools selling only bread and cakes, drunken men sleeping in taverns till they were kicked out, priests in long dark robes walking up and down the streets…. all kind of stuff that we weren’t used to see during our journey. Your dad was so happy to find himself in a such big town but it was very cold for us, we didn’t have any warm clothes.
– Oh Sid! We’re so lucky to have come this far.
– Let me tell ya, I’m sure that this is the city is going to be called “the city of lights” one day.
We spent the day walking and looking around. We haven’t eaten anything all day as we didn’t have any money left. Our stomach were aching, we’ve seen kids stealing stoles but none of us was expert in stealing. We knew too well the we would have been caught if we tried. So we’ve kept on walking to forget our hunger and to keep warm. At night the temperature dropped a lot, and we were freezing.
-Damn! I wish we were smarter not to come in winter, I said.
The moon shone its pale light on the snowy path, we could only hear the noise of our footsteps and occasionally some laughter in the homes we passed by. It must have been after midnight, we couldn’t keep on walking. We arrived at a bridge. I told your dad that we could as well spend the night under the bridge. He agreed. We lied there back. to back, on the cold stone, without a blanket, without a coat, nothing just the warmth of our back. We were freezing. In the middle of the night I woke up with the tingling of small bells. I opened my eyes to see 6 dears in front of me and a red carriage. A man stepped down of it, he wore a red coat and pants, with black leather boots, a red hat and a white beard. He seemed to come from another time.
– Ho ho ho, hello my dear friends, why are you sleeping under a bridge on this fine Christmas night?
– We came from far, we didn’t find any place to sleep nor any food, your father replied.
– Well…. I’m am your good luck, come with me, He said stepping into the carriage.
We’ve stepped into the carriage with him, and that’s when the really weird thing happened. He said “Ho” and the dears jumped into the air! Yes child, we were flying above Paris in a matter of seconds. Those dears were magical. Your father and I were laughing like crazy. This red clothed man made us see all the city from above. It was beautiful! La Seine… la Tour Eiffel…. we could see the houses so small bellow us. It’s a night we’ll never forget! After a few minutes, the dears landed by a big church where was a decorated fir tree.
– Ok folks, this is the church of Notre Dame, here you’ll find shelter and food. Just knock on that door and it shall be opened. But before we part, take these.
Out of the back of his carriage he took out two packages. One for me and one for your father.
Just after that, he said “Ho” and flew into the sky again. We never saw him again.
We opened the packages, we found for each of us a long warm coat which has kept us warm in those cold winter nights for a very long time.

We knocked at the door the red clothed man showed us. After a while, someone answered behind the door.
– Who is it?
– We’re travelers, we need shelter and food for the night. We don’t want any trouble.
The door opened a little, we saw a short priest in his nightwear. He looked at both of us then opened the door for us to go in.
– Come in, come in. Go heat yourself by the fire, I’ll make you something to eat.
And that’s how we found ourselves in a warm, cozy presbytery were we spent a lovely night in a bed after having filled our bellies. The End”

The little child was already asleep, on his laps. Uncle Sid smiled at him “sweet dreams little one and Merry Christmas”

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