Today is the day!

Today is a big day for most people, it’s New Year’s eve!!

For me it is the most important one because as a family tradition, We celebrate with presents and a lovely dinner. YAY!!

There are lots of deadly accidents happening after midnight so don’t drink alcohol if you don’t want to die. Don’t say “this happen to others and not me” because it happens to you too if you’re drunk. So be careful and stay alive.

Happy new year!

I Put My Parents Through Agony — Crushed Caramel (Learner at love)

Reading this is a must to any youngster out there. It is an inspirational post that makes oneself ponder on its life.

My parents were never really sure quite what happened. They said they felt helpless and they prayed many times that things would turn out well. But they were deeply anxious and doubtful I would recover. For years I had been a typical child, eager, full of life and laughter. I ate and pooped, ate and […]

via I Put My Parents Through Agony — Crushed Caramel (Learner at love)

Distress is a mess

These last few weeks I came to know a whole American family. Their issues, their health, their social status…. I must say that I am amazed by the fact that in America nowadays, there are people struggling and fighting for their lives, living worse than some poor African family in Africa!
Yes, There are millions of cases in US alone, and we can’t help everyone either. But we can do our share be it a thought, an idea, a donation, a friendly advice…..

Today I will share their story with you. That’s the only thing I can do as I don’t have the means to help them. I hope that this post will reach hundreds of people out there and perhaps there will be someone capable of helping a few among millions.

Anderson, Missouri, a town of some 2000 people. Somewhere in one of those old wooden bungalows a family of 5 is sharing a house with another smaller family. They share the rent too.
Our family of 5 is composed of:
A father incapable of working due to a stage 4 cancer. He’ll die one of these days
A disabled mother who has to tend to her 3 children and has only 500 dollars a month.
An 18 year old daughter, who has dreams but her chronic headache is keeping from going to school everyday and is pushing her to depression.
And 2 smaller kids.

The other family is composed of 2 kids and an Aunt who is turning their life into hell. As far as I understand , our family of 5 soon becoming of 4, is going to be kicked out as soon as the father dies.

The main problem is, that the father wants to be buried or cremated thousands miles away in California where his adoptive parents are. And this costs 5000 dollars!
The second problem is that, as he isn’t legally married to his wife, all the fee has to be payed by his 18 year old daughter who doesn’t have money. Even if it was his wife who had to pay for it, she wouldn’t be able to, as she only gets 500 dollars a month.

I shared an idea with them: what if the 5 of them would go to California to wait for him to pass away there. It would cost roughly 500 bucks to go there and return. The idea could have worked but, if he was to be buried they’ll have to pay 2000 dollars for the spot! Really? That’s bloody expensive to die in America! The only alternative the mother tells me, is to cremate him so that he could fit in the familial ground. Which is forbidden by the Holy Scriptures.
Plus they’ll have to take ALL their belongings with them (which is impossible by airplane) as they’re going to be kicked out by the aunt. And moving to California is very expensive for people like them. There are lots of other states way cheaper. Where the rent costs about 600 dollars a month. But how can they travel to California with their belongings and then re-travel to another state? That’s impossible!

For the moment we’re in a dead end. And that worsen the life of the 18 year old. She tried to be hit by a car a few days ago. Fortunately they all avoided her. That’s insane!

I really don’t know what to do. Do you have an idea I didn’t think about, or do you have a second home you don’t need somewhere or do you know someone who is renting a small bungalow somewhere at a very cheap price? Or ANYTHING AT ALL??


Have you ever felt that you have lots of things to say, but they’re all fragmented in your brain, that you don’t know how to put them in order and write them down? That’s how I feel.

Four days are left before 2019 starts and the whole cycle starts again. God knows what this new year will bring. All the dreams and wishes I had at the end of every year, never came true. I still make the same wish and dream this year plus I add some more. Will they come true in 2019?

I dont believe in Astrology, because no one can predict the future. Some can presume, imagine or plan it, but nothing is guaranteed. That’s why many people use “God willing” when speaking about something that is going to happen in the future. Because there will never be any certainty in this life, before it happens.
But there is something in which I believe a little; the chinese horoscope. Wait! Don’t roll your eyes yet.

Let me explain:
As you’re probably aware, there are multiple ways “to know the future ” such as Astrology, Tarot cards, palm reading… Most of them are related to chance such as mixing the cards, rolling dices, selecting random cards…. What I find fascinating about the Chinese horoscope is that it has a bizarre description about Dragons which sounds exactly like my personality.

According to this, I started last year to read what the Chinese horoscope said about Dragons (as it doesn’t have a monthly report as the normal horoscope does, it has a yearly one) and I was quiet astonished to see that last year horoscope was right when it said that 2018 wasn’t particularly prosper for dragons and their economic situations. Wow! That’s why I wasn’t able to sell any books or find any work then!

The positive thing is that the next Chinese year which starts somewhere in February is particularly good for Dragons. Their economic situation is going to boom! Well…. That’s all I want for now. Find work and enhance my economic situation, God willing.