Beauty is subjective

What is beauty? It is a feeling/choice that we acquire looking at something. It is not always shared yet it is often agreed by many. Does it mean that beauty doesn’t exist as a physical thing? Probably, because it would have been accepted by everyone. So what’s the point in going after beauty? In my opinion it makes us feel better with ourselves or with the one who is beautiful. Some people believe that the beauty is what’s inside us rather than what’s on the outisde. True, but if that person is lucky enough to be beautiful on the outside too, its life would be much easier. Those who are gifted with an external beauty are more interesting to hear, to do business with, to employ, and very often have a brighter future than those we call “ugly”.

We must do our best to look great whatsoever our flaws are. The human being is created beautiful, every baby is lovely. As the person grows up, he/she may become addicted to smoke, drink, drugs… which will affect its external appearance, hence its life.

Many beauty products are available around the world to help us look better than our real image. Some are worthy buying, some are not. But how to make the right choice when it comes to brands/quality and prices? It is not always the more expensive that will give you the best results. Very often the Quality is found in a cheaper version, that’s why it is called Quality/Price.

My final advice for you is: whatsoever your appearance is, never feel low in your self esteem. Everything can be changed and enhanced. And Beauty is subjective.

Straightner hair spray

This spray is from a drugstore called Superdrug, it is not a branded product. It is used to straighten hairs that are difficult to straighten. There are lots of products for that effect from different brands. I think there is a big difference between them. For instance a cheap product won’t be as effective as one a bit more expensive. It will be a bit more aggressive, a bit more sticky, a bit less effective. This product is not as good as a branded one. you may expect to see your hair curl if there is humidity. This kind of product is used on wet/damp hair and blew dried. Depending on your hair quality, you won’t need a straightner or a fixing hair spray.

Hair Spray

Hair spray is important for women as for men. It is what will hold your hair in place after the brushing. Either is is windy or not, your hair will remain as you’ve made them. The problem is, that there are lot of different hair spray. As with any other product , you get what you’ve paid for. If you buy a cheap product, you may have a more sticky spray which will flatten your hair and will leave white marks on them like dandruff. If you get a more expensive one, you’ll get a better quality and you’ll probably be happy with it.

For instance, this one is a branded spray, I’m very happy with it. The amount of product that comes out of the bottle isn’t that strong to flatten your hair and it does what’s written on it, it fixes without leaving white marks and it is against humidity.
If you have the means for it; buy it.

Skin foundation

Skin foundation is beauty product that I use almost daily. It is a tinted cream that helps us unify our skin tone. Sometimes it can have a little sunscreen included.
This time I have the privilege to use a branded skin foundation ! This one👇👇👇👇👇

I must say that this one is one of the best, if not THE best I ever applied. There are a few different shades to chose from .
First, it has 20 SPF, not bad for a quick day outside or for a rainy day.
Second, it is easily applicable and non greasy.
Third, It stays in place all day as they say.

In Uk there is a deal at the moment, where you can buy 3 products for the price of 2, and it costs around 8.95£
In the rest of Europe it is about 10€ each.

I would recommend it to anyone who is still searching for the right product.


Shampoos are as necessary as soaps are for the hands. If you have no soap, you can’t pretend that have clean hands just with water. We can find a wide variety of shampoos all over the world. Some are more useful than others. While those who are for frequent use are to cleanse only, others are made for dandruff, repair, moisturize, soften……Should we believe all that is written on the bottle ? Not always. All depends on how much you paid for your product and the if it’s a reliable brand. That doesn’t mean that you have to pay a lot to have a good shampoo, it means that usually you get what you’ve paid for, unless you’ve got a discount. According to my experience, shampoos for oily hair, tend to dry too much the scalp and the hair as well. You end up having frail dried hair. As a person who has very thin and frail hair, I usually use moisturizing or repairing shampoos. I’ve found that just a few actually do what they say such as Tre Seme, John Frieda and Soyoss which are renowned to be hair specialists.

Some other brands such as this one above, tend to be more like cleaners rather than a protector and moisturizer as it claims. Unfortunately we can’t always buy the right product, but isn’t the most important thing, to have clean hairs?

Waterproof Khol

It is a marvel to use a kohl who doesn’t leek/fade during the day. But is it worthy our money ?

I’ve been using normal kohls all my life, they’re nice but never stay where they’re applied. That’s annoying plus it’s dirty.

So I wanted to try a waterproof one. This one by Rimmel👇

What they say is true, it stays in place for a very long time. But it has a few issues.

1/ When applied, I have the sensation that my eyes burn/ tickle.

2/ At times it leeks, when it’s too hot for instance

3/It is hard to remove

4/ my eyes keep being sore for 24h

5/It is not ophthalmologically tested

It should have been a good product but, it needs enhancement.