Yes we often have tendencies to blush when we find ourselves in a difficult situation. Whatever the reason is, our cheeks will turn pink.
In normal conditions, our face may look somehow pale or dull. We may add some hue to turn our face a bit more colorful/alive by adding some blush on our cheeks.
There are two kinds of blush; powdery and greasy.
The most commons ones are the powdery. You have to use a brush to apply it. The greasy ones are like rolls you can apply it directly or using it on your finger and then on your cheeks. This one is for more professional users as you’ll need to adjust it.


The khol is a cosmetic used since the ancien times. Where once it was used by men, now it is used mostly used by women.
Some say that it was made by a natural product, which was moisturizing for the eyes. Applying some khol at the water base of the eye, can give deffinition to the look. The problem is that i haven’t found a khol that lasted the whole day. How can it last the whole day if it is easily removed with water? And as far as I know, the eyes are watery. Now, I’ve heard that applying some powder (like the eye shadow) on the top of it, will keep it longer. Who can stand powder in the eyes?
Well up to now, the khol remains a couple of hours, maybe a bit longer before smudging under the eyes.
This product from Essance is easy to use as any other khol I guess. And it lasts as much too.

Waterproof eyeliner

You can find this product from different brands, the goal is the same, having an eye liner that doesn’t smudge during the day when it rains or when it is too hot and your sweating or maybe when you go for a swim. You stay eye lined all day.
Now, there are 2 kinds of waterproof eye liners from Essance, this one on the picture which is like a pen, same thickness. Or another one which is very very thin, more like a toothpick. They say that the thin one is more precise, I don’t think so because it is so thin that it smudges when you apply it if you’re not careful. The pen style one, is easier to use and you can use it for thin lines as well, all depends on how you handle it.
You can chose your own eye liner based on this description because they’re all alike in that sense. The difference you can find is in the difficulty to remove it perhaps, depending on which makeup remover you use, because no way you can remove it with a traditional soap. There will always be leftovers, most of all between the lashes.
A normal eye liner is better if you don’t have a make-up remover and it doesn’t bother you to go out with smudged eyes and with one of your eyes painted more than the other. Of course you can clean up and add more if needed but that’s uncomfortable too.


Lipsticks are millennial. We used it since the ancient times, even though it was made of fruit extract. Women always wanted to have the color of their lips matching their skin’s hue. For intance, the original red doesn’t suit everyone. If I were to wear a red lipstick I would be awfully ridiculous ! Some neutral tones are made for those who prefer to keep a natural look or for those who have difficulties to chose a suitable color.

This lipstick is a neutral one yet it gives a little hue to the lips’ color while staying longer. That means it stays longer than the traditional ones which leave the famous mark on the cheek of the one you kiss. It dries quickly as if it was absorbed. Your lips feel dry as well. I would suggest to moisturize your lips with a lip balm first and then add this one on top.
Every brand nowadays have a section for natural looks and for long stay lipsticks

Oil control paper

Oil control papers are mandatory for those who have a mix/oily skin. This absords the oil that makes your face shine with no reason. They’re mostly used in summer when the heat makes you sweat and release the greasiness of your skin. Just use one or two sheets on the affected areas and the oil will vanish instantly. Your skin will remain matt. These sheets don’t contain any product on them, they act like glass for instance. You know when you have greasy fingers and you hold a mirror, when you put it down you’ll see your fingerprints on it. That’s the same thing. I’ve never seen another brand selling it so I don’t know if Essance is the only one making these or not.

Heat protectors

I believe that our driers and straightners damage our hairs within a few weeks of use. Some say that they shouldn’t be used daily but for those who wash their hair frequently, they must dry them somehow.
There are products who claim to protect your hair from the naughiness of your drying tools and the sun’s UVs.
Some are expensive and some are not. Of course you get what you’ve paid for. For instance this one from V05 is a good product but not as nice as those from John Frieda, Tre Semee or Syoss….. Before this one I was using one from Frieda and I must say that it was excellent. But the price made me find a cheaper one, which seems to work rather well. But I happen to have split ends even though I use it everytime I wash my hair.

So is this one a good product? I would say yes if you have strong hair that can resist the little amount of unfairness from V05, otherwise you’d better pay a little more and get some serious product that protects your hair as you want.
I liked the spray they used in this one, it is soft to push and easy to apply.

Eye shadow stick

Some sticks are used as an eye liner and eye shadow. It is useful if you don’t like or don’t use a black eye liner. This stick can be applied as an eye shadow and stays the whole day for it is a little greasy. It is not very easy to remove unless you use a make-up remover or a LOT of soap.

It can be used as an eye liner and it will give your eyes a shining dark brown hue. There is other colors available as well (even though I don’t remember which). So if you don’t like powdery traditional eye shadows, this one is a good option. It is not very visible if you prefer nude colors, but you can add as much as you want for a darker tone.

Transparent mascara

Lashes and brows transparent mascara is a useful tool to keep the shape of your eyebrows the whole day and to freeze your lashes if you use a curler. Here is what I mean: If you have thick eyesbrows such as these, (or even thin ones)

They can be disturbed either because you touched them or by nature. When brushed with this transparent mascara your eyebrow remain in shape as if you’ve glued them. It works the same way with the lashes, if you use a curler before using this, your lashes will remain curled the whole day without any colour added on them. It is very useful for a plain natural look.


Ok! You may ask yourself what is this supposed to add to your beauty products. Well…. It is a valuable tool to hide certain things which are better hidden such as dark circles, stretch marks, pimples, minor burns, cuts…. Using this around the eyes , it gives the impression that your eyes are wider, bigger, brighter. It helps to improve your makeup and balance your foundation cream with your eye contour.


This brand is found in some countries across Europe, such as Belgium, Portugal, Uk, Ireland and Germany. It is supposed to be for Teenagers due to its cheap price and smaller quantities.
As a loyal customer, I can say that most of the products I use are pretty well in terms of Quality/Price. They have a wide choice of nail polish, mascara, eye liner…
I like the choice of shades. You could have a little of everything for the price that you usually pay for Maybelline, Revelon or whatever.