Beauty in the World #5

If you were to find yourself in UK, you’ll notice that here, the women are different than in the rest of Europe (Except Ireland and perhaps Scandinavia which I’ve never been). They take all the time they can manage for the well-being of their appearance. They are too sophisticated for their southern neighbors.
Everywhere you go, even in the middle of the countryside, you’ll see girls and women doing their best to look beautiful. Are they make-up addicts? Probably most of them. Either teens going to school or adults, they take care of their hair as their most precious possession! Even the foreigners who live here since decades, lost the sense of “things are more important than how I look like”.
Even though the British care more about what you can do rather than how you look like, everyone makes its best to have both.
The british culture is far more than being open to every other culture and being proud of its history. History have shown us that the British empire did lots of wrongs to other countries/people, enslaving them, killing them, robbing them, but we mustn’t reject the good as well. They left us with rules, discipline, knowledge, art, architecture, language…. and an example to follow to for those who are open minded. It is one of the rare countries where everyone say “sorry” even if they haven’t done anything wrong to you. It is one of the rare countries where everyone say “thank you” when you let them pass either while driving or on foot. It is one of the rare countries where everyone has good manners toward you even if you’re a foreigner. It is one of the rare countries where small children are taught to be grateful when you stop to let them cross the road. It is the country who made possible for other countries to have uniforms to attend school, either be it boys or girls. Even in small villages of Mongolia, children wear uniforms (whatsoever they look like).
You can find exceptions of course, ’cause the good comes with the bad too, such as in some poor neighborhoods where even their streets look somehow …. reckless. Or these young girls who love to have fun on “Saturday nights”, they stay out all night with short dresses and high heels and you find them Sunday morning till 8am wandering in the streets like zombies, because they’re too drunk to find their way. Or these boys/men screaming as if they were tortured just because they’re very drunk and want to make a lot of noise in the neighborhood.
But this kind of British are a minority who want to be different or have to be different.
Most people take care of their body shape , you can find huge gyms everywhere. Unfortunately there is more and more overweight people due to the fast food and junk food available at a cheap price.
Hairdressers and Nail saloons are all over the places and are always busy.
Beautician though are a bit hard to find. At least harder than in the countries I’ve been before. Sometimes there is only one per town, or they’re part of a hair and nail saloon.
There is no particular age at the beauty saloon. The most wanted treatment are nail & feet polish. Then the waxing and then the facial treatments and sometimes even massages.
Different Kinds of treatments are available:

Eyelashes extention , brows shaping, spray tans, sunbeds, peelings….
Depending on what you want each facial treatment costs about 80£ (93 €)and can go up to 240£ (280€) for several ones. An appointment is always necessary most of all at Christmas time and summer. Nails start at 5£ (6€)

I’ve asked if there was any tip: Use sunscreens and don’t rub your nail polish!

Cosmetics are very easily accessible and the price range is from 1£ (1.5€) to ~200£ (230€) depending of what you’re looking for and which brand it is. One thing for sure, if you’re very poor you still can look good for 5£ (6€)! Yes you can find incredible prices for products you usually pay a considerable amount of money. Perhaps that’s why beauty is part of this culture.

Author: Novus Lectio

You'll never know what you'll read next. Random lecture is what is all about but one thing is for sure, it's by the same author who wrote The Theory of Fate and Who Went Out of Africa

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