Gods of evil

The Aztecs were an ancient Mexican tribe. They had Gods according to their region. For instance in the north they had Tezcatlipoca, while in the east they had Tlaloc, etc…

The most important one for them was Huitzilopochtli who lived in the south. He was the great warrior god whose name meant “the hummingbird that comes from the south ” he was associated with the fire and underworld. Due to his ferocity he was very much worshipped. This god was born fully armed and immediately avenged all those who believed that his mother Coatlicue had become pregnant by dishonorable means. In fact his mother was like Mary, a very pious person. According to the tale, his mother lived the same story as Mary! She was in the temple when an Angel came to tell her that she was going to be pregnant…. Coatlicue was very important to the Aztecs, her name meant “mother of the gods”.

The other three gods have exotic stories too. Tezcatlipoca was the sun god, the one responsible for the harvest.

Quetzalcoatl was the western god who had many talents, patron of every art and craft and inventor of metalworking and a civilizing influence on humankind. unfortunately for him he was driven out by the other gods, he had to burn his house and hide is treasure before fleeing to the east. When the Spanish appeared on the Aztec lands, they were hailed as if it was the return of Quetzalcoatl.

And finally Tlaloc for which I’ve written this post.
In my opinion, Tlaloc was THE responisble for Quetzalcoatl resignation. I don’t know much about these rullers called gods, but something tells me that Quetzalcoatl was too peaceful and modern for his taste. Tlaloc could have easily made an aggrement with the other two to ban Quetzalcoatl from his land. Let me tell you why:
Tlaloc governed the mountains and water in all its form, he watered the earth with four vast jugs of liquid and each of these jugs symbolized growth, blight, frost and destruction. He was the god to whom most sacrifices were made. Horrifically, babies were purchased in order to be killed in his honor. The babies were cooked and eaten by the priests. The more the babies and children wept, the better the sacrifice was.

Can you imagine how many poor babies were tortured at that time? How can a human being be so cruel? Yes they were savages but they couldn’t be more savages than animals! Yet they were. No animal treat so savagely other animal’s babies.

Now what is this thing about worshipping the most fearful? We can find this reasoning even on Egyptian deities too. Why did they worship something they didn’t like/love, but fear? that’s insane! Worshipping out of fear is not worshipping, it is being hypocrite. It is a way to save its skin from something bad. If that god was so ruthless, warlike, insensitive, then why didn’t they fight it? It seems to be very reasonable to fight something malevolent which freightens us. Don’t you think?

Let’s look at this Egyptian god called Osiris, he was the god of nature, and of the dead. His sister was Isis who was also his queen. Osiris proved a civilizing influence, teaching his people the arts of agriculture and dissuading them from cannibalism. His ways were gentle and just, a lover of music who invented two different kinds of flute. His power spread far and wide his civilizing influence having a profound effect throughout Asia. Unfortunately he had an adopted brother called Anubis who was jealous and killed him. Actually he had cut his brother in fourteen parts!
His wife /sister Isis painfully reconstructed his body, as she knew the art of embalming (mummify) corpses.
Anubis invented the funeral rites when Osiris died. He was a master of mummification too hence Anubis symbolize his status as conductor of souls. Without mummification the soul of the dead can’t find his way. I think that’s why he divided his brother into fourteen parts, so that he couldn’t be mummified.

The History of mankind witness innumerable acts of evil in the name of a god or personal temptation. We’re in the 21th century but still, we’re not up to being proud to be Human. We aren’t civilized enough to be an example to other beings around the universe

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