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Poetry #144 – Gloomy Aura (collaboration with Shreya Jindal)

They told me that I shouldn’t be here.
For I had flaws.
They didn’t have any, flawless they were, perhaps?

They bit me hard ’cause I was to be puppet.
For they thought themselves to be messengers of God,
And that God assigned them my life.
They left me no chance to defend myself

They bullied me for being smaller.
We need to have as masculine build up to be stronger, was what they believed in.
And so they mistook me to be a mere burden.

They threatened me just for the sake of pleasure.
Unaware of the God- soul hidden behind this crying face.

They thought that I was frail and stupid
Just because I ignored their nonsense and kept quite.
But they say that empty vessels make noise.
I was one with ample knowledge and power to ignore, perhaps.
They thought that I couldn’t keep on going
They thought that I would cry for mercy

But They didn’t know that I have a power
A power to free myself from their mischief
I don’t need to revenge to be stronger
I don’t need be taller to be more powerful
I don’t need to kick butts to be feared

Reading influence the Writing

Thank You earthwalker for nominating me. I consider myself a writer even though I’ve never sold a single book. I’ve written 3 and soon I’m releasing my 4th, yet not a penny in my pocket. But yes that makes of me a writer. Unfortunately I’ve never been seen as one by my dad who “enjoys” criticizing the way I write. But nonetheless, I write! So I’m taking this challenge.

The Challenge: Identify that person who is/was the major influencer of your passion.


• Share with the world your #OnePerson story.
• Pingback to the post (or add the link in the comments).
• Add the pictures, if you like.
• Humor and quotes are welcome.
• You can even come up with your own title for the post.
• And use your own featured image for the post.
• Spread the word: up to 3 – 5 bloggers.

Who Inspiried me? Let me see…..I’ve stated reading very young, my dad bought me my first books, including the cherished Harry Potter! He was the one to talk to me about it. Even though I wasn’t very interested in serie, He bought me the first 4 of them. Then it was up to me to save my pocket money to buy the rest. Then came the Lord of the Rings (among others), He bought me the 3 of them. And I was so happy to have been part of that voyage, which turns these books into my favorite ones.
So, who was my influencer? If it wasn’t for my dad, I would never have read, hence never have written ! But for him, it is more important to read than to write.

Time for quotes:

(I’m not sure that my dad knows this quote, but he surely repeats it in his own words!)
“Read, read, read. Read everything – trash, classics, good and bad, and see how they do it. Just like a carpenter who works as an apprentice and studies the master. Read! You’ll absorb it. Then write. If it’s good, you’ll find out. If it’s not, throw it out of the window.”
–William Faulkner

“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.”
–Benjamin Franklin

“No tears in the writer, no tears in the reader. No surprise in the writer, no surprise in the reader.”
–Robert Frost

“If there’s a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.”
–Toni Morrison


shreya jindal


Poetry # 143 – our journey (collaboration with Nyctophile)

And another collaboration with my lovely Nyctophile. Enjoy

As the end of the day approaches
We take our journey to the place
Where everything is possible
We lay on the peaceful grassy hill
Away from worries and sorrows
Hand in hand we look at the sky
Waiting for the moment of eternity
No humans can reach out for it
But our souls can, when the lights
Come out of darkness and appears
As white dots on a black canvas
There starts our voyage into unknown
Lands of power and chaos where ecstasy
Lift our spirit high into the vast Kingdom
Where doubts dare not visit seldom
We look at the clumsy play
Of the twinkles in shades of grey
And we get lost in the wonderland
As if garden of eden has come to land
We dare to take a leap of faith
To forget the world we live beneath
You grasp my hands so tight
As if we are the ones to ignite light
To turn on the melodies of love
In a world people lives to love